The NBA Finals start on Thursday night, and FanDuel offers plenty of popular parlays for the series.  It is time to continue our NBA odds series with a special NBA Finals popular parlays with the most value prediction and pick.

The popular parlays section of the FanDuel picks is littered with stars and their expected stud performances in the finals. They start with Nikola Jokic. Parlays include triple-doubles, his total points, and his overall production. Jimmy Butler also gets into the mix, with point and combo props as well. Then there are props for both Bam Adebayo and Jamal Murray. In total, FanDuel offers eight different popular parlays, ranging in odds from -140 to +950 for the series. It is time to pick the one with the most value.

Here are the NBA Finals odds, courtesy of FanDuel

NBA Finals Odds: NBA Finals Popular Parlays

Jokic to Average a Triple-Double in the NBA Finals: -140

Jokic to Average 30+ points in the NBA Finals: +160

Jimmy Butler to Average 30+ points in the NBA Finals: +160

Murray to Average 30+ Points in the NBA Finals: +340

Adebayo to Average 18+ Points, 10+ Rebounds in the NBA Finals: +460

Murray to Average 30+ Points, 5+ Assists in the NBA Finals: +500

Butler to Average 30+ Points, 8+ Rebounds, 6+ Assists in NBA Finals:+750

Jokic to Average 30+ Points, 15+ Rebounds, 10+ Assists in NBA Finals: +950

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NBA Finals Popular Parlay: Jokic to Average A Triple-Double in the NBA Finals

This first pick may be the easiest one. Nikola Jokic is a triple-double machine. Jokic had 29 triple-doubles on the season and nearly averaged one for the entire season. He fell just 12 assists short of hitting the 10-assist-per-game mark, which would have had him average the triple-double. He is also averaging one for the entire playoffs so far this year. Jokic is sitting at 29.9 points per game, with 13.3 rebounds and 10.3 assists. The big difference in his play this year has been his passing. He has become a stellar passer and much more of a distributor on the court. Jokic does not need to be the primary scorer on any given night and is fine passing the ball. Jokic has also done this against Miami, having a triple-double against them in December.

He also failed to hit it in his second game of the season against the Heat. If the series is shorter, it could also impact his average ten assists. He averaged just nine in the five-game series against Minnesota, because of two performances of six assists. Still, he should be able to get here in this series.

NBA Finals Popular Parlay Prediction and Pick: Jokic Averages a Tiple-Double in the NBA Finals (-140)

NBA Finals Popular Parlay: Adebayo to Average 18+ points, 10+ Rebounds in NBA Finals

This one is a little more of a stretch. First, there is the reason for passing on the three 30+ points plays. Both of these teams are very solid defensively. Most likely, no one is going to average 30+ points per game. If they do, they will most likely be having a great series in all aspects of their game and then there is better value on other plays. In the playoffs, Bam Adebayo has averaged 16.8 points per game and 9.2 rebounds per game. Both are below the amount for this prop. In his two games against Denver this year, he has averaged 20.5 points in each of the games. The issue here would become rebounds.

The Knicks series will give hope for that one. He averaged 9.7 rebounds per game in the Knicks series. In the playoffs, the Knicks are fourth in rebounds per game at 45.4. In the regular season, they were third in rebounds per game, a full three rebounds per game better than the Nuggets. Still, Adebayo nearly hit ten boards a game in that series. The Knicks were also second in the NBA in rebound differential this year, at +4.5. the Nuggets were sixth at +2.1. If Adebayo can hit the rebounds number, he can hit this prop.

NBA Finals Popular Parlay Prediction and Pick: Adebayo Averages 18+ Points and 10+ Rebounds in the NBA Finals (+460)

NBA Finals Popular Parlay: Butler to Average 30+ points, 8+ Rebounds, 6+ Assists in NBA Finals

The final prop is the longest odds of the picks here. It is higher odds for a few reasons. First is the rebounds. Butler has averaged only seven rebounds per game in the playoffs. This hit would require a lot of tie-ups between Jokic and Adebayo. If those two are boxing each other out and not getting the boards, he could hit that number. He was close against the Knicks, who were better in the regular season than the Nuggets. With Adebayo and Jokic neutralizing each other, it is entirely possible that Butler benefits.

Second is the assists. That may be the easiest number for Butler to hit. He has averaged over six assists per game in both of the last two series. As Caleb Martin has continued to get more minutes, Butler has done a solid job of sending him assists. It only takes a few big games for him to hit this number,

The hardest part will be the points per game.  Jimmy Butler has shown he can average 30 points per game in a series. He did it just this playoffs against the Milwaukee Bucks. He scored 37.6 points per game in the series and was aided only by one overtime game. Also, like the Nuggets, the Bucks' top defenders in defensive win-share players will not be matched up consistently against Butler. The Heat will be relying heavily on Butler to score, and while the Nuggets' defense may help Caleb Martin more, if Martin is hot and the Nuggest defense shifts, Butler will take advantage.

NBA Finals Popular Parlay Prediction and Pick: Butler Averages 30+ Points, 8+ Rebounds, and 6+ Assists in the NBA Finals (+750)