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3 best players the Pacers must sign in 2021 NBA free agency

Pacers, NBA free agency

NBA free agency is finally here and names are going to fly off the board rather quickly. Deals can’t be officially signed until Friday, but players and teams can agree to terms. As for the Indiana Pacers, they have a lot of questions to figure out, especially with Rick Carlisle running the show after leaving the Dallas Mavericks.

The Pacers have Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner, so bigs aren’t an issue. So, who signs with the Pacers in free agency?

Here are the three best options the Pacers should sign.

3. Norman Powell

First off, Chris Paul and Kawhi Leonard aren’t going to the Pacers, sorry. These three options are realistic ones, and Powell fits the mold.

He was productive for the Portland Trail Blazers after being dealt from the Toronto Raptors at the trade deadline, and who knows what is going on with the Blazers regarding their situation.

Powell averaged 18.6 points– a career-high– and shot over 40 percent from beyond the arc and would be a welcome addition to the Pacers as they begin a new era with Carlisle running the show.

2. Alex Caruso

Alex Caruso should be a top target for a lot of teams across the league. He can score, shoot, and– most importantly– play top-notch defense. He brings championship experience and could very well return to the Los Angeles Lakers, although other teams would surely offer Caruso a decent amount of cash.

Is he going to score 20 points a game? No. Will he average 10 assists a game? No. But he is one of the best defending guards in the NBA, hence the reason for his high level of interest across the NBA, and the Pacers could trot out a Malcolm Brogdon- Alex Caruso pairing.

1. Evan Fournier

Another veteran who has playoff experience and can score the ball, what a surprise. The Pacers are set down low with Sabonis and Turner, and they have TJ Warren coming back as well. What they need is scoring and guards that can shoot, and Fournier is exactly that.

After he was dealt from the Orlando Magic to the Boston Celtics at the deadline, it remains unclear if he will end up back in Boston. If not, the Pacers should pick up the phone and offer him some money.

At worst, he is a very capable sixth man off the bench, and a veteran with experience, something Carlisle will look for as he begins his new job.