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3 bold predictions for Josh Gordon in his first season with Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

Chiefs, Josh Gordon, Patrick Mahomes

After recently getting reinstated by the NFL, Josh Gordon has been given another chance to play professional football with the Kansas City Chiefs. If there’s a coach out there who can minimize his off-field distractions and bring out the best in his game, then it’s without question Andy Reid.

With the Chiefs already boasting a ton of talent and primed to make another deep playoff run this season, taking a chance on a wild card like Gordon is a gamble they can afford to take. His previous skills and experience as a wide receiver and return man will prove to be useful to Kansas City.

Under the guidance of an offensive mastermind in Reid, Gordon could witness a career revival and finally find an organization where he can finish out his playing career on a high note.

Now that he’s found a new home in Kansas City, let’s take a look at three bold predictions for him in his first season playing with NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

3. Josh Gordon will make the Chiefs’ roster 

Josh Gordon has been put on the practice squad for the time being, but it won’t be long before he’s called up and added to their roster–especially considering how his diverse skillset would a be perfect fit for the Chiefs’ innovative and up-tempo style of offense.

Fans can expect him to make the most of this opportunity and show the Chiefs that he means business this time around.

There’s no doubt that Josh Gordon will be working like crazy to make the Chiefs roster. This move will give them some additional depth on offense. With Kansas City currently in a bit of a funk, the addition of Gordon could prove to be very beneficial for them. So look out for him to be an exciting new addition who will prove to be very impactful for the team in their upcoming match-ups.

2. The Chiefs will utilize Gordon’s versatility 

As a reliable deep threat and a solid return man, the Chiefs will likely play Gordon in a variety of roles this season. With his speed, agility, and ability to catch any pass that comes his way, Gordon has proven that he can bring a versatile style of play to any offense. On the Chiefs, he’ll thrive playing wideout, returning kickoffs, or even coming out of the backfield in their wildcat schemes.

Joining an already explosive attacking unit, Gordon will add an exciting new element to this lethal Kansas City offense. With Reid’s creativity and innovative approach to the game, he’ll seamlessly find a way to make Gordon fit in with the Chiefs.

1. Patrick Mahomes and Josh Gordon will form strong on-field chemistry

As arguably the best quarterback in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes continues to show that he has the ability to elevate the play of his teammates with his unmatched playmaking and strong leadership. With Josh Gordon coming onto the team as something of a question mark, it will be up to Mahomes to form strong team chemistry with Gordon while helping him get acclimated with the Chiefs’ playbook.

In due time, though, Mahomes and Gordon will form an electric quarterback/receiver combo and Gordon will add to an already deep receiving corps for the Chiefs. So in the coming weeks, Gordon will be looking to re-establish himself as one of the premier wideouts in the league while helping to improve KansasCity’s high-powered offense.