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3 bold predictions for Kyle Lowry in first season with the Miami Heat

Kyle Lowry, Heat

Just one day into 2021 NBA free agency, the Miami Heat have already reached their offseason goal of a significant roster alteration. The key acquisition for them Monday was bringing on Kyle Lowry to give them a seasoned champion and gritty two-way point guard to help lead Miami back to the NBA Finals alongside Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.

His playmaking, scoring, and high defensive IQ will do wonders for the Heat and come through huge for them during their playoff push in 2022. As an NBA champion, All-Star guard, and proven winner, Lowry knows the sacrifices it takes to bring home an NBA title. Having said all this, let’s take a detailed look at three bold predictions for Kyle Lowry during his first season playing for the Miami Heat.

Heat will lead NBA in assists with Lowry running the point

With the Heat already having a pass heavy offense, adding a pass-first point guard like Lowry will only improve their passing and allow them to run a more efficient offense. Between Lowry, Butler, Adebayo, and PJ Tucker, the Heat will possess a deep roster of multi-skilled two-way players that will form great on-court chemistry and be able to pick apart opposing defenses on a nightly basis with their stellar ball movement.

Plus with Lowry’s ability to make everyone around him better, improving their already elite passing will come as no surprise and help their offense flow seamlessly while lighting up the scoreboard. Now that Kyle Lowry is running their offense, this will also open up more opportunities for Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.

Kyle Lowry will give the Heat an improved backcourt 

Now that Goran Dragic is no longer with the Heat, this paves the way for Kyle Lowry to take the reins and give the Heat a seasoned champion that could lead them on another title run. With his grit, toughness, and perseverance, Lowry perfectly fits the mold of the Miami Heat mantra and gives them an upgrade over Dragic.

As good as Dragic was for the Heat, Lowry gives them a better clutch guard with a stronger defensive presence. After all, Lowry has previously been the league leader in drawn charges and his menacing on-ball defense has taken All-Star caliber players completely out of their element. This type of defensive tenacity is exactly what the Heat have been missing.

Lowry will be joined Tyler Herro in the Heat backcourt, and given how inefficient Herro was last season, Lowry’s calming leadership and mentorship is just what this young shooting guard needs. Having Herro play alongside Kyle Lowry could rejuvenate and improve his game immensely on both ends of the floor. This would give the Heat a new and improved backcourt that would complete their starting five and make them a force to be reckoned with come playoff time.

Lowry will form a killer pick-and-roll combo with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo

With Miami’s great ball movement and exciting new style of position-less basketball, they’re half-court sets have been creating all types of defensive mismatches for their opponents over the past couple of seasons. The addition of Kyle Lowry will allow them to run these sets more efficiently while opening up more opportunities for Butler and Adebayo to finish strong at the rim or knock down high percentage jump shots.

This also will give the Heat a lethal veteran trio that can lead them to the promised land and earn them their first title in almost a decade. Between the passing, scoring, and lateral quickness of Lowry, Butler, and Adebayo, their pick-and-roll game will be second to none and obliterate opposing defenses on a nightly basis. The addition of Lowry will only add to their dominance when running half-court sets.