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3 details you might have missed from the Space Jam 2 trailer

The official trailer for Space Jam 2 was released Saturday morning, and people can’t get over how many easter eggs there are in the trailer. It appears as though LeBron James enters a virtual world once he enters Looney Tune land. For that reason, the pop culture world can be seen throughout this film, in small doses that is.

After watching the trailer, it’s easy to miss some details. However, if we slow it down a tad, we can find some nice easter eggs hidden within the film. Here are three details you might have missed from the Space Jam 2 trailer.

A Call-Back to Dwyane Wade

During the trailer, it moves at an incredibly fast pace, but thanks to some Twitter uses, we have some snapshots to slow it all down. One frame, in particular, is a nice call-back to the time James played with Dwyane Wade for the Miami Heat. The famous image of Wade tossing up an alley-oop to LeBron while running away with his arms spread can be seen in the new trailer, thanks to Madelyn Burke.

A cool nod to LeBron James’s historic NBA career. Lola Bunny offers adds some spice of her own by giving the camera a wink, as if she’s saying, “yeah, I just did that.” Lola Bunny was Michael Jordan’s best teammate in the original film, and it looks like she reprises her role as the ultimate sidekick in Space Jam 2.

King Kong Takes a Break from Fighting Godzilla

Another film hot on the market right now is Godzilla vs. Kong, where the two monsters clash in a heavyweight bout on the big screen. However, it seems as though Kong took a break from training for his fight to enjoy a basketball game featuring the Tune Squad. An image of Kong’s back can be seen in a still provided by Twitter user, @TheEternalEvil.

Of course, Kong has to sit in the back, as if he were in the front, no one would be able to see. Despite sitting far away, it looks as though Kong has a decent spot, as he can see the entire court. Well, for the most part. Can someone let that dude with the purple cape to sit down? Or better yet, go to the back next to Kong?

A Clockwork Orange, White Walkers, and More

Space Jam 2 is jam-packed with small cameos from our favorite movies and television shows. In a still image provided by Ben Mekler, we can clearly see multiple different characters in the stands for this game. In fact, the entire stadium is loaded with movie and television show characters.

Mekler has the Clockwork Orange characters circled. But if you look to the left, you’ll clearly see the Night King and some White Walkers from HBO’s Game of Thrones. Additionally, in the middle of the picture, the Mystery Machine is visible, where Scooby-Doo and the gang sit atop the famous van. These are just a few characters that are easily spotted out, as this is almost like a “Where’s Waldo” book trying to find these movie characters. Watch the trailer again, and try to see how many you can find!

Space Jam 2 is set to hit the theatres in July and after a first look at the trailer, it sure looks like it’s going to be an entertaining ride when fans finally get the chance to watch it.