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3 potential quarterbacks that the Washington Redskins should consider in the 2019 NFL Draft

jay gruden, NFL Draft

It’s no secret that the Washington Redskins need a quarterback. Alex Smith is out for 2019 (and possibly his career) and they can’t have another situation like 2018.

Due to that, they’re in the market for a QB this offseason – and the NFL Draft is the perfect place to look. Taking a signal caller with their 15th overall pick seems like a very real possibility.

There are a lot of quarterbacks in this draft that have generated some buzz. Some, like Will Grier, have gotten endorsements from people like Santana Moss. Santana Moss was a great player and he’s a great voice now. Grier in the first round is harsh though. If they want to wait for the second or third round, that’s a solid pick. If the Redskins are going to draft a first-round quarterback (like many are speculating) he’s not the guy though.

With that in mind, who are three QB’s they should consider in that spot?

3. Daniel Jones

Dwayne Haskins Kyler Murray Daniel Jones

Let’s start off by saying Dwayne Haskins won’t be available at 15 and the Redskins should trade up. Doing this would just be setting a quarterback up for failure without the tools around him and would set the franchise back a few more years.

Now on to Daniel Jones, the Redskins apparently love the guy. That’s no surprise though as he fits into their scheme. The Duke product enjoyed his best collegiate season in 2018 thanks to a career-high 22 touchdown passes.

Jones has a strong arm that gives his passes a lot of zip. He’s not exactly a deep-ball guy, but the Redskins haven’t done much of that recently anyways. That being said, he does have the arm strength to do so if needed.

What makes him a first rounder is his short accuracy and ability to run. In recent years, the Redskins have been all about getting the ball out quickly on short passes. That would play into Jones’ strength perfectly – making him a nice fit for the offense.

2. Drew Lock

Drew Lock is a great quarterback and has a bright future ahead of him. The Missouri quarterback has a cannon for an arm and the accuracy to back it up.

Over his last two seasons, Lock has 7,452 yards and 72 touchdown passes (compared to 21 interceptions). He’s not known for his mobility, but there’s something in his legs. It’s more that his arm completely overshadows it than he’s a stone in the pocket.

Admittedly, of the three quarterbacks mentioned, Lock seems like the worst fit for the Washington Redskins and Jay Gruden. He’d still fit in nicely though and if they change a few things around could be the one that takes the offense to new heights the fastest.

He’s also probably the one of the three most ready to start immediately in the NFL. That’s something the Redskins might take into consideration due to the current situation they have.

This offense clearly hasn’t been working for the Redskins too well anyways, so maybe a change would be a good thing.

1. Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray, Cardinals

Kyler Murray announced that the NFL has his full attention recently, and that should make teams very happy.

He’s been called “undersized” due to the fact that he’s 5-foot-10 and under 200 pounds. Sure, that could be seen as an issue, but if you can play you can play. No one will be considering his size when he’s lighting up defenses.

Murray is perfect for the Redskins. It looks effortless when he throws a football and still puts a lot of power behind his throws. Not only that, but the accuracy is solid.

In his first year as a full-time starter, Murray threw 42 touchdowns compared to only seven interceptions last season. The  Oklahoma product also threw for a ridiculous 4,361 yards and ran for another 1,001 (and 12 more touchdowns).

Murray is the most explosive quarterback in the entire NFL draft. He has everything the Redskins are looking for in that he has great accuracy on short throws, but can bomb it deep if need be. He’s also the best running quarterback in the draft and will be a legitimate threat with his legs.

With the offensive line concerns they have, that’s an important factor.

If Murray is there for the Redskins at No. 15, he should be their number one option.