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3 Reasons Why Nintendo didn’t reveal the Super Switch Pro at E3 2021

Why the Super Nintendo Switch Pro was not at E3 2021

We’re almost a week displaced from E3 2021, and yet one of gaming industry pundits’ predictions for Nintendo’s Direct didn’t materialize. With all the rumors and leaks about the Switch successor, we also expected the Super Switch Pro to show up. After all, some of the leaks turned out to be true, just like the one about a new 2D Metroid game: Metroid Dread. So, why didn’t we get to see the Switch Pro during Nintendo Direct at E3 2021? We look at three possible reasons as to why.

Reason #1: The Nintendo Direct E3 2021 Online-Only Format isn’t fit for Hardware Reveals

E3 is a magical place, but even the biggest gaming convention in the world feels the effects of the global pandemic. Going online-only has its pros and cons, and hardware reveals being ineffective online is one of the biggest cons. That may be why Nintendo decided to go software-only on their Nintendo Direct. In past E3 conferences, you can have video game journalists try out your new hardware on the convention floor right after the announcement. This helps put the word out and give your new product good press. But being online-only, this is virtually impossible – save for sending media partners with their own Switch Pro units at home.

But then, this didn’t stop Nintendo from revealing the Legend of Zelda 35th anniversary Game & Watch, right? Well, two things: the Nintendo Switch successor is a much bigger deal than a Game & Watch. Number two, we already know roughly what to expect from a Game & Watch. Therefore, an immediate tryout on the convention floor isn’t necessary for the Game & Watch. Still, this reason alone might not be enough for fans to accept why the Switch Pro didn’t show up at E3 2021. So, up to Reason # 2.

Reason #2: Switch Pro is not yet ready, won’t be coming out until next year

Another persistent rumor about the Super Switch Pro is that it will launch with Breath of the Wild 2. It seems fitting – after all, the original Breath of the Wild launched with the Nintendo Switch console, all the way back to March 2017. However, just like what we saw during E3 2021, Breath of the Wild 2 is far from being ready yet. Hence, the release window 2022 was shown at the end of the trailer, and it doesn’t tell us exactly when it’s coming out.

This means one of either two things. The first and the more likely reason is that Breath of the Wild 2 is still in deep development. Nintendo may have shown gameplay footage, but that doesn’t mean the game is ready to ship yet. Perhaps Nintendo is still taking their time developing the Breath of the Wild sequel. Perhaps they’re not rushing its release, hence not giving us even just a hint on which quarter of the year the game will come out.

The second reason might be because they want Breath of the Wild 2 to launch alongside the Super Switch Pro. Nintendo might be finished with the game for all we know. But Nintendo might still  be keeping it under wraps until the console it’s launching on is ready. This is a less likely reason – after all, why deny yourself of sales of a blockbuster title just so you can launch it alongside a console? But one might argue that selling Breath of the Wild 2 bundled alongside the Super Switch Pro is a surefire way to ship units of the console.

Either way, Nintendo didn’t give an exact release date for Breath of the Wild nor a reveal of the Super Switch Pro.

Reason #3: The Global Chipset Shortage pushes the release window back

If we are to believe the rumors about the Super Switch Pro, then we should expect the console to ship in Holiday 2021. Given that release window, E3 2021 would have been the best time to announce the Super Switch Pro. It would have been enough time to let the hype simmer and brew, as well as enough time for aspiring gamers to save up for the new console, just in time for the Holiday Season.

Unless, of course, if Nintendo knows that they won’t be able to meet the demand for the product by Holiday 2021. With the global chipset shortage that plagued the PlayStation 5, Nintendo might have met some production issues for the Super Switch Pro. Production may very well be underway, but the shortage of raw materials might be too much for Nintendo to finish producing a comfortable number of units. If this were true, then it won’t make sense for Nintendo to announce a console that they won’t be able to sell, anyway.

Announcing the Super Switch Pro officially might deter fans from purchasing the old Nintendo Switch console now. Even with just rumors going around about the Super Switch Pro, people are already holding back from buying a Switch. Announcing the existence of the Nintendo Switch successor will cannibalize on Switch sales, definitely. Why do that if you’re sure you can’t ship enough Super Switch Pro units yet, right?

Occam’s Razor: There’s no such thing as the Super Switch Pro

We also have to address this, of course. Since Nintendo nor its supposed partners for the Switch Pro, Samsung and Nvidia, hasn’t officially acknowledged the existence of the new console, then perhaps all the rumors are just that – rumors. Sometimes, the simplest explanations turn out to be true. That may exactly be the case here, with the Super Switch Pro turning out to be nothing but a persistent rumor. What, then, is there for Nintendo to reveal at Nintendo Direct at E3 2021 if there’s no such thing as a Nintendo Switch successor? Consider this possibility, too, as it is much more likely than any other theory out there.