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Daniel Jones, Giants

3 things to know about Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones

A lot of people were surprised when the New York Giants selected Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with their first-round selection, but with all the dust settled down it seems like more people are starting to climb on board with the idea that Jones could be okay in the Big Apple. Everyone knows he played for the Duke Blue Devils and looks a lot like Eli Manning, but there are some other interesting facts about him that many don’t know.

Let’s breakdown three things you might not know about Jones.

3. Daniel Jones wasn’t recruited heavily

To say Jones wasn’t recruited heavily might be an understatement. Jones went to Charlotte Latin School in Charlotte, North Carolina and didn’t have a ton of interest from division one schools. The only two teams that were interested in Jones according to 247 Sports were the Duke Blue Devils, Princeton Tigers, and Harvard Crimson.

He was a two-star quarterback that simply did not carry much hype with him. He was considered the 58th best dual-threat quarterback in the 2015 class and the 54th best player in North Carolina.

One of the big reasons that Jones struggled to get noticed was a basketball injury. During his junior year of basketball, he broke his wrist so he couldn’t throw during the spring, which is an important time for players to get noticed.

Daniel Jones

2. Jones’ biggest win with Duke came during his 4th collegiate start

The Duke Blue Devils have never been known as a football powerhouse or even a good football program, so when Jones played against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on September 24, 2016, no one thought much of it.

The Fighting Irish were 21-point favorites and should have had an easy win. Jones had different ideas, throwing for 290 yards and three touchdowns including a 64-yard touchdown that tied the game in the fourth quarter. The Blue Devils won by three points and it was the first time that Jones’ name was ever mentioned in national media circles and got the scouts eyes on him.

1. Eli Manning and Jones had a good relationship while Jones was at Duke

It’s unclear how good Manning and Jones’ relationship will be with the New York Giants, but they did talk while Jones was at college. Blue Devils head coach David Cutcliffe was Manning’s coach in college and every summer he would work out at Duke and train with his former coach.

Daniel Jones

While Manning was on campus, Jones would make sure to ask a ton of questions and try to pick Manning’s brain for as much as information as he was willing to give.

“They’ve already spent a lot of time around each other,” Blue Devil head coach Cutcliffe said via the Duke Chronicle. “So while Daniel was here and [Manning worked out], Daniel’s eyes got big, and Daniel watched and begged to come into film studies [with Manning]. So they’ve been around each other, and are real comfortable with each other.”

That could change now that the two guys are competing for the same job, but at least the two guys have been around each other before.