4 reasons the New England Patriots will defeat the Eagles in Week 11
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4 reasons the New England Patriots will defeat the Eagles in Week 11

After a slip-up in their last game against the Baltimore Ravens, the New England Patriots are in a great position for a bounce-back on Sunday afternoon against the New England Patriots. It might not be their easiest game of the season, but there is still no reason they can’t come away with a win and pick up their ninth win of the season.

Let’s break down four reasons the Patriots will defeat the Eagles.

4. Coming off a bye week

The first reason the Patriots will win this game is that they are coming off a bye week. The Eagles are also coming off a bye, but Bill Belichick has a proven track record of success when he gets an extra week to prepare for an opponent.

Belichick has been the coach for the Patriots for 19 seasons and coming off a bye he has a record of 14-5. The Patriots have won each of the last two years coming off a bye, and are 4-1 in the last five seasons. The only loss during that stretch was in 2016 when they lost to the Seattle Seahawks.

The average margin of victory coming off the bye is also impressive. In the 14 wins after a week off, the Patriots average victory is by 17.42 points.

3. Eagles are banged up

To say the Eagles are banged up might be an understatement, especially on offense. DeSean Jackson is out for the year, Alshon Jeffery didn’t practice on Wednesday, and Jordan Howard was limited.

The rest of the wide receiving corps for the Eagles is questionable and if Jeffery can’t go or is limited, it’s going to put a big strain on the offense.

To beat the Patriots, a team needs to play a perfect game and have all their best players at full strength. At this point, it doesn’t look like the Eagles are going to have that.

2. Tom Brady against the Blitz

Tom Brady also has had an extra week to watch film and get ready for the blitz that the Eagles are going to be sending against him. Although he hasn’t been as strong this year against the blitz as years past, he should be well prepared to go in this game against it.

Blitzing Brady is going to leave players open out wide for the Patriots and the offense should be able to make the Eagles pay for bringing the pressure.

1. Eagles secondary

The Eagles secondary is getting healthier, but it still isn’t one of the better groups in the league, and even if the Eagles don’t decide to blitz, they are still going to have issues slowing down Brady and the passing game.

Just a few weeks ago in back to back weeks, the Eagles gave up 37 and 38 points respectively. The offensive scheme for the Patriots should exploit some of the weaker parts of the secondary and Brady is going to march the troops up and down the field.

The Eagles really need this win, especially at home, but it’s not going to happen. When the clock strikes zero, the Patriots will be ahead on the scoreboard.