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4 things to know about Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is one of the most talked about players in the NFL. Everyone knows what he has done with the Packers leading them to a Super Bowl and off the field dating a couple of high profile women. There is a lot more to Rodgers than his MVP’s and dating life so let’s look at four things you might not know about the former first-round pick.

Rodgers’ Dad is a Doctor

Most know the story about Rodgers not talking to his parents or his brother, but what many don’t know about his family is that his dad is actually a doctor. Rodgers dad Edward has been Sports Injury Specialist and Traditional Chiropractor for the last 15 years.

Rodgers Chiropractic is located in Chico California and is one of the more respected doctors in the area. Aaron comes from a very smart family, and he has used that to his advantage time and time again on the field.

Rodgers Almost Became a Lawyer

Aaron Rodgers had an impressive high school career in California breaking every school record but he still didn’t receive a scholarship offer from any division one programs. He thought long and hard about quitting his dream of playing football and instead, going to college to try and become a lawyer.

Rodgers decided to give football one more shot enrolling at Butte Community College near his hometown and it didn’t take long for division one teams to take notice.

NFL and Packer fans have to be very thankful that Rodgers decided to give football one more chance or NFL history would have been changed forever.

Instead of throwing touchdowns he might be trying to save people who are about to be thrown in prison.

Rodgers Almost Played his NFL Career in California

One thing many people forget about Rodgers is that he almost was traded from the Packers to the Oakland Raiders. After Brett Favre announced that he would return for the 2007 season the Packers seriously considered trading Rodgers and were close to having a deal in place with the Raiders.

The deal would have sent Randy Moss to the Packers and Rodgers to the Raiders. The deal ended up falling through and Moss was later traded to the New England Patriots.

If that deal would have happened maybe it would have been the Raiders winning championships and the Packers would be the team still trying to find a franchise quarterback right now.

Rodgers Uses Potato Chips… for Training

Rodgers is always trying to bring his training to the next level and will implement some odd techniques to get better. According to his trainer Angelo Poli, Rodgers tapes potato chips to the back of his heels during training sessions.

The goal is to not have the chips break which requires Rodgers to play more on his toes and helps with his footwork. It’s quite an interesting technique but to be great you need to take chances, and taping chips on your heels is one way to do that.