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George Kittle, 49ers

4 things to know about San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle

The San Francisco 49ers may have the best tight end in the NFL on their roster. Their tight end goes by the name of George Kittle and he’s let his name be known since being drafted by the 49ers in 2017.

Last season, San Francisco struggled to win games with the injury to Jimmy Garoppolo early in the season. That didn’t stop Kittle from having a breakout season in his sophomore season in the NFL.

In 2018, Kittle racked up 88 receptions, 1,377 yards, and five touchdowns. In spite of poor quarterback play, Kittle still managed to annihilate opposing defenses. By the way, his 1,377 yards receiving is the most by a tight end in NFL history.

The former Iowa product proved that he can be one of the best at his position in 2018. Although it’s wild to think that Kittle was a fifth-round pick and was actually taken two rounds after his college teammate, C.J. Beathard was taken by the 49ers.

There’s a ton of things that we do know about the 49ers tight end but there may be some interesting things that people are uncertain of. Here are four things to know about 49ers tight end George Kittle.

George Kittle

4. Kittle Attended Three Different High-Schools

George Kittle was born in Madison, Wisconsin but his family moved to Iowa at an early age. When he got to high school, he attended three different schools before heading to college.

First, he attended Iowa City West High School in Iowa City, Iowa. Then, he transferred to Cedar Falls High School in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Lastly, he graduated at Norman High School in Norman, Oklahoma.

The 49ers offensive weapon played a game of musical chairs in terms of changing schools but in the end, it worked out for the best. Of course, Kittle committed to the University of Iowa to play football in college.

Kittle is likely hoping that he remains with San Francisco so he doesn’t change his address as often as he did in high school.

George Kittle

3. Kittle Is a Big Panda Express Fan

Who doesn’t like some good Chinese food? Kittle is a huge fan of Panda Express and isn’t afraid to let people know that.

Some fans may not realize that a lot of athletes are just like us (besides the insane athletic abilities). Guys like Kittle love to eat as much as we do and his usual order at Panda Express is legendary.

Kittle stated that his go-to order at the Chinese fast-food chain is chow mein, fried rice, orange chicken, and Shanghai steak. Just thinking of that order makes it tempting to order Chinese food immediately.

George Kittle

2. Kittle Is an Avid Game of Thrones Fan

Again, athletes are just like most of us in a lot of instances. They tend to eat, watch, and do the same things that regular human beings tend to do.

One of Kittle’s favorite things to do is watch the Award-Winning show, Game of Thrones. Kittle said he became a fan of the show in college and has continued to watch it since he’s entered the NFL.

The good thing is, the show happened to be on during the months that Kittle wasn’t playing football so Sundays were committed to watching the show for him. Of course, the show just completed its final season so the tight end may need to find a new show to watch on Sundays.

george kittle

1. Kittle’s Cousin and Dad Play/Played in the NFL

Not many people know that George’s dad actually had a brief stint in the NFL. Bruce Kittle—George’s dad—also played college football at Iowa as an offensive lineman.

When Bruce entered the NFL, he suffered an injury that prevented him from having a career in the league. Nonetheless, George ended up taking a similar path—getting a shot in the NFL.

Also, George has a cousin that has played in the NFL recently. Henry Krieger-Coble is George’s cousin and has played on the Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts, and Los Angeles Rams. Krieger-Coble also plays tight end so the Kittle’s must love playing along the offensive line.

Regardless, the Kittle family seems to be one that has roots of family members being athletic. That may be why George is able to make 82-yard touchdowns look easy.