The Colorado football just hype train made its latest stop with the San Francisco 49ers. Ahead of the 49ers game versus the Los Angeles Rams, 49ers linebacker Fred Warner shared that the entire Niners team was glued to the screen watching the Colorado vs. Colorado State game Saturday night.

On his podcast with The 33rd Team, The Warner House, Fred Warner set the scene saying, “Let me just take everybody through how incredible of a time this is … we are in the hotel the night before the game, they got college football games on the night before the game. Everybody in that room was DIALED in, watching Colorado versus Colorado State. They are literally jumping at every single play to start that game, it  was as if we were watching the Super Bowl,” via Ari Meirov.

“That in itself right there is all you need to know about what Deion has done to that program. Man, you talk about a story. It's in his first year too, imagine what it's going to be like next year.”

The game between the two Colorado rivals school turned out to be a nail-biter as Colorado came back in the 4th quarter to even the score at 28. Colorado didn't pull out the win until double overtime when they won 43-35. The 49ers were far from the only people watching, as the game set an ESPN record for most-watched late night college football game.

After Colorado football's big win, the 49ers also got a win Sunday over their rivals when they defeated the Rams 30-23.