49ers news: Australian-born rookie K Mitch Wishnowsky unaware of team's nickname search
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Australian-born 49ers rookie K Mitch Wishnowsky unaware of team’s nickname search

49ers news: Australian-born rookie K Mitch Wishnowsky unaware of team's nickname search

It’s always fun when a kicker or punter gets fans excited. That’s exactly what’s happening with the San Francisco 49ers and kicker/punter Mitch Wishnowsky. Even more impressive, this wasn’t an obvious transition into love.

The 49ers used a fourth-round pick on the kicker and many felt that was way too high. It’s not like the fans were in an uproar, but they weren’t exactly thrilled with the pick. Add in the factor that he’s already 27 and you could probably see the frustration (although 27 for a kicker is like 20 for any other position, they’ve still got a ridiculous amount of time).

Wishnowsky wasted no time making the fans fall in love with him though. The Australian showed off his tackling prowess with a picture perfect tackle on a kickoff. This reminded people that having an electric and athletic kicker/punter could have a ton of positives.

Now that the fans are all-in on Wishnowsky, the 49ers felt like he should get a nickname. I mean, every beloved kicker needs a nickname right?

According to Cam Inman of the Mercury News though, Wishnowsky had no idea the team was searching for his nickname.

Indeed, and even the 49ers website is polling fans for a nickname choice?

“They are? I didn’t see that.”

Ever had a nickname?


Never, not even back in Australia?

“Nothing I want to catch on over here.”

Okay, the first question on everyone’s mind should be pretty obvious. What were his nicknames back in Australia? It seems pretty vital that we get that information sooner rather than later.

Other than that though, it’s great to see the team and the fanbase embracing the kicker/punter. It appears Mitch Wishnowsky is all-in on them as well. This should be extremely fun to watch – and how often do you hear that about someone at his position?