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George Kittle, Patrick Mahomes have hilarious exchange on 49ers-Dolphins trade

Patrick Mahomes George Kittle 49ers Chiefs Dolphins trade

The NFL draft is around the corner and each franchise is doing their due diligence to figure out which players they’ll be taking at the end of April. The San Francisco 49ers made an aggressive move, as they traded to the third overall selection with the Miami Dolphins.

As of now, the 49ers will be selecting third overall, which sent a shockwave through the NFL world. George Kittle, the superstar tight end of the San Francisco 49ers, shared a simple two-word reaction through Twitter when the deal went down, saying, “Oh wow.”

The rest of the league had a similar reaction, as even Patrick Mahomes agreed with Kittle’s take with his own tweet.

Shortly after, Kittle chimed in with a response you typically hear from someone working a regular nine-to-five job.

“I just work there I don’t know what’s going on,” was the San Francisco tight end’s response to Mahomes on Friday. A funny response to a crazy trade from the organization he works for. Kittle is known to be a jokester on and off the field, as he’s shared some stories whenever he’s featured as a guest on podcasts.

The trade indicates the 49ers are likely to draft a quarterback with their first pick, which should be interesting, as the team already has Jimmy Garoppolo. Kittle has backed up Garoppolo through the quarterback’s criticisms, but if his team selects a new quarterback, there isn’t much else for Kittle to do than to play alongside the rookie.

With a deep quarterback class in this draft, there could be another trade before or during the draft. This offseason should continue to provide shockwaves until the start of the season, which Mahomes and Kittle are welcome to react to.