49ers news: Jimmy Garoppolo calls loss to Seahawks a 'reality check'
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49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo calls loss to Seahawks a ‘reality check’

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Everything had gone nearly perfect for the San Francisco 49ers this season. That changed after losing to their divisional rival, the Seattle Seahawks, on Monday Night Football.

49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo believes the game is a reality check for the team. He knows there were a lot of missed opportunities against the Seahawks but expects the team will get back to work and bounce back.

“I think I could throw the ball better, we could catch it better,” Garoppolo said via NBC Sports. “It’s a little bit of everything it’s not one specific thing that sticks out. It’s a bit of a reality check for us. We’ll go back and respond this week.”

One of the big issues for the 49ers was their lack of reliable receiving options. Their depth was depleted with tight end George Kittle unable to suit up and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders leaving the game during the first half because of a rib injury. There were a few throws that Garoppolo missed and the receivers had issues catching the ball. Going forward, he knows the execution needs to be a lot better.

“It’s just about execution at the end of the day,” Garoppolo said. “It’s nothing crazy, just got to go do your job, execute and move on play after play and just do that throughout the entire game. We’ve been good at that, it just, we had a couple hiccups tonight. Just got to correct them and move on.”

The 49ers need to improve their execution going forward because the schedule doesn’t get any easier. Their next four games will come against the Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, and New Orleans Saints.

After their next stretch of upcoming games, there should be a real understanding of how close the 49ers truly are to being Super Bowl contenders.