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Jimmy Garoppolo’s teammate backs up 49ers QB: ‘When he is on the field, we win’

There has been a divide among the media and fans alike on whether Jimmy Garoppolo is the long-term solution at quarterback or not for the San Francisco 49ers. Despite the argument being had, teammate Arik Armstead didn’t waste time in defending his quarterback.

“I mean, shoot, when he is on the field, we win,” Armstead said, via Chris Simms of NBC Sports. “I mean the year when he got here when he was on the field we won and then he got hurt and unfortunately and then when he came back we won so I don’t know really what more you want out of him.”

Earlier this offseason, there were rumors that the 49ers could pursue Tom Brady to replace Garoppolo. While on Simms’ show “Unbuttoned,” Armstead spoke about why he believes in Garoppolo moving forward.

For the first time in his career, Garoppolo was able to start in all 16 games for San Francisco in 2019. With him leading the charge on offense, the 49ers were able to advance to the Super Bowl.

However, the former second-round pick was unable to perform well when it mattered most. Partly due to his two interceptions, the 49ers blew a 20-10 lead to the Kansas City Chiefs. As a result of his Super Bowl outing, some people are questioning his legitimacy as San Francisco’s quarterback.

Since Garoppolo joined the 49ers, his teammates have expressed nothing but confidence in his talents. Therefore, Armstead isn’t the only one that’s come to the defense of Garoppolo. Regardless of what his teammates say, until he delivers in the postseason, the criticism of Garoppolo isn’t going to diminish anytime soon.