The San Francisco 49ers boast an impressive collection of talent entering the 2020 season, and that's partially the reason that general manager John Lynch is of the ilk that there aren't very many additions left in the works.

Of course, there's also that whole salary cap thing:

“There’s always an opportunity to get better,” Lynch said on the 49ers' Insider Podcast. “We do like where our roster is at. We’re extremely happy with where it’s at. I don’t anticipate anything big coming — and we are kind of nudged up against the cap, as well.”

The 49ers did some legitimate juggling to get themselves there, but they appear set to bring back an impressive group after coming up just a quarter shy of winning the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs. San Francisco went 13-3 last season before making that Super Bowl run.

With DeForest Buckner gone to the Indianapolis Colts, the team got his natural replacement in Javon Kinlaw in the first round of the NFL Draft. With Emmanuel Sanders gone to the New Orleans Saints, the team got his natural replacement in Brandon Aiyuk in the first round, also. Add that to the addition of seven-time Pro Bowl tackle Trent Williams to the offensive line, and there's reason that Lynch is optimistic heading into 2020:

“You can’t just say, ‘Hey, we’re a better team.’ That’s not how this works,” Lynch said. “You have to put it to work and let a season unfold. But we’ve given ourselves an opportunity to do that.”

The 49ers are set to open the 2020 regular season against the Arizona Cardinals on Sept. 13. Whether that date will officially mark the opening of their season remains to be seen, but whenever the next season kicks off, Lynch has undoubtedly set up San Francisco for a repeat campaign.