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49ers DE Nick Bosa’s father says celebrations were out of character

Nick Bosa, 49ers

San Francisco 49ers rookie edge rusher Nick Bosa had his epic breakthrough game on Monday Night against the Cleveland Browns. He came through with plenty of pressure on Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and came away causing serious havoc on the second-year signal-caller.

However, one moment, in particular, was amplified by the media when there was a celebration by Nick Bosa directed at Mayfield. After forcing an intentional grounding on Baker, Bosa then did a rendition of the time Mayfield waved the University of Oklahoma flag and planting it in the middle of the football field at Ohio State.

It was a celebration that gained the attention of many, including Nick’s father John Bosa. He thought that the celebration was “out of character” for his son to do.

“And that will probably not be the norm for him. He had some extra motivation. He will bring that same fire every Sunday, or every Monday or Thursday. That, you’ll never have to worry about. He’ll have the same fire. He just had a little bit of extra (motivation).

“I think maybe the opposition’s quarterback maybe got under his skin a little bit as far as some of the way he carries himself. And I think that might have been perceived as a little bit of disrespect. But that was kind of out of character.”

Again going back to the celebration by Mayfield at Ohio State. Bosa got his revenge and then some with his breakout game at getting to the Cleveland quarterback. And it’s only the beginning of this one-man wrecking crew.