49ers news: San Francisco used left-footed punter to prepare for Chiefs
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49ers brought in left-footed punter to simulate Chiefs’ Dustin Colquitt

The Super Bowl is almost finally upon us and the San Francisco 49ers went through extra measures to make sure they were prepared for anything.

According to Field Yates of ESPN, San Francisco brought in a left-footed punter, Brad Wing, to simulate Dustin Colquitt of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Wing is currently a free agent and was not signed by the 49ers. He last punted for the New York Giants in 2017. He also spent one season with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In today’s NFL, there aren’t many teams that deploy a left-footed punter. For the past 15 seasons, Colquitt has been punting for the Chiefs and is one of the best left-footed punters in the league.

Due to how often Kansas City scores touchdowns, Colquitt was seldom used in 2019. Throughout the regular season, the veteran punter for the Chiefs punted the ball just 48 times. That is nearly half of the punts that Lachlan Edwards — the punter for the New York Jets — had.

Of course, the 49ers have Mitch Wishnowsky as their current punter. Wishnowsky is a right-footed punter that was drafted by San Francisco in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL Draft. In light of that, he isn’t capable of replicating the left-footed punts that Colquitt makes.

There are only two days until the Super Bowl kicks off between the 49ers and the Chiefs. Therefore, both teams are making sure that nothing is an oversight on Sunday. Maybe if San Francisco defeats Kansas City on Sunday, Wing will get a Super Bowl ring for his efforts.