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49ers QB Trey Lance draws interesting Aaron Rodgers comparison from ex-Packers WR

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San Francisco 49ers fans might have seen just a few flashes from Trey Lance in his rookie season, but according to former Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones, the young QB could very well become the next Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes.

Lance played in just six games in 2021 and started in two. However, he made full use of all the opportunities he got, recording 603 yards and five touchdowns. Now with a new season coming and Lance expected to take over as QB1, the 49ers are raving about his improved play and newfound confidence.

The fact that he is hearing only good things about Lance made Jones believe that the 49ers youngster could be the next Rodgers or Mahomes:

“I believe we’re looking at a bonafide superstar, like the Patrick Mahomes, like the Aaron Rodgers,” Jones said, per NFL Total Access.

“We had a small sample size of Aaron Rodgers, but all you heard out of the locker room and the people around Aaron was, ‘Just wait. You wait and see.’ That was the same thing around Patrick Mahomes–small sample size but everybody’s like ‘Just wait, this kid’s gonna be special–and that’s the same thing coming out this Niners locker room about Trey Lance.”

It might be too premature for James Jones to make that kind of declaration, but it speaks volumes of the confidence the 49ers have in Trey Lance after his first full season in the NFL.

Furthermore, having played with Aaron Rodgers for the most of his career and even finding tremendous success with the Packers star, James Jones’ compliments of Trey Lance also carry a lot of weight. If he sees the youngster as having potential like Rodgers, then there must be something really special about him:

Sure enough, 49ers fans are hoping that Jones’ prediction about Lance becomes a reality. As he takes the keys to the offense, the team really needs him to become a game-changer that they believe he can be.