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49ers running back breaks down Tom Brady rumors, backs Jimmy Garoppolo

Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have suddenly been thrust into the list of teams that could pursue Tom Brady in free agency and that hasn’t sat well with players on the roster. With free agency looming, 49ers running back Jeff Wilson broke down the Brady rumors and backed Jimmy Garoppolo.

“I feel like it’s crazy,” Wilson told the Daily News inside SiriusXM’s Manhattan studios on Wednesday afternoon. “The dude just took us to the Super Bowl. Why is he under this (scrutiny) right now? I feel like if anything, it should be, ‘OK, this is Jimmy Garoppolo, how is he gonna come back next year?’ Not, ‘This is Jimmy Garoppolo. He lost the Super Bowl. He didn’t do this.’

Earlier this week, Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston shared that he believes San Francisco could make a run at Brady this offseason. In addition to signing Brady, Curran said that the 49ers could trade Garoppolo back to the New England Patriots.

While Curran clarified that his opinion is hypothetical, it has sparked controversy in the media. On the other hand, John Lynch—the general manager of the 49ers—has been nothing but supportive of Garoppolo this offseason.

However, Lynch isn’t alone in thinking that Garoppolo is the long-term solution at the quarterback position in San Francisco. Wilson, who scored five touchdowns for the 49ers in 2019, doesn’t see the reason to replace Garoppolo with Brady.

Even though Brady would likely be in favor of the idea of joining the 49ers, it doesn’t make much sense for them to make the move. With Garoppolo entering his third season as a full-time starter, his teammates clearly have his back.