5 best quarterbacks in Dallas Cowboys history
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5 best quarterbacks in Dallas Cowboys history

Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Cowboys, Tony Romo

Playing quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys is a position that faces an immense amount of pressure to succeed. When you’re under center for America’s Team, there’s a certain level of expectations that are placed on you.

While the Cowboys have won five Super Bowls, they’be deployed a handful of formidable quarterbacks in their offense. Even right now, despite the criticism he receives from the media and fans, Dallas is fortunate to have Dak Prescott at the helm. It’s only a matter of time before he cements himself as one of the best quarterbacks the Cowboys have employed.

Regardless of what era of the NFL you’re speaking about, having a serviceable quarterback is typically needed to win a championship. And seeing that Dallas has secured five Lombardi trophies, they’ve had more than their fair share of them. With that in mind, who are the five best quarterbacks in Cowboys history?

5. Don Meredith

The Cowboys first became an NFL franchise in 1960, and their first starting quarterback was Eddie LeBaron. However, their first starting quarterback that would provide fruitful results for the franchise was Don Meredith.

After two seasons of LeBaron leading the offense, Meredith would become the starter in 1962. Meredith would spend nine seasons with the Cowboys, leading the team to three consecutive playoff appearances from 1966-1968.

In his nine seasons in Dallas, Meredith would finish as Dallas’ fifth-all time leader in passing yards (17,199) and passing touchdowns (135).

4. Danny White

During the late 1970s, the Cowboys needed someone that could replace Roger Staubach at quarterback. After Staubach retired from the NFL in 1979, Dallas handed the keys to the offense to Danny White.

White, who was taken in the third round of the 1974 NFL Draft, would spend his first six seasons sitting behind Staubach. But upon becoming the starter in 1980, White proved to be a decent quarterback in the NFL.

Altogether, White would be the starter for eight seasons through 1987, throwing for 21,959 yards, 155 touchdowns, and 132 interceptions. Even though he failed to win a Super Bowl, White posted a respectable 5-5 record in the postseason.

3. Tony Romo

Next on the list is a quarterback that has become severely underrated among fans and the media. As an undrafted quarterback out of Eastern Illinois, Tony Romo was able to carve out an extremely impressive career with the Cowboys.

After sitting for his first two seasons, Romo would become the starter in Dallas in 2006. The efficient quarterback would finish his career with a franchise-best 34,183 yards, 248 touchdowns, and 117 interceptions. In addition, he is fourth all-time in quarterback rating, planting himself behind Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Drew Brees.

The knock on Romo in his playing career was that he was unable to deliver in the postseason — recording a 2-4 record in the playoffs. Sadly, Romo lands as the No. 3 quarterback on this list due to him not possessing any hardware like the two guys ahead of him.

2. Roger Staubach

As mentioned above, the Cowboys were desperate to find someone to replace Staubach in 1980. However, when Staubach was at quarterbacks, fans in Dallas cherished the moments that he was their starter.

Back in the 1970s, when not many offenses were known for passing the ball often, the Cowboys allowed Staubach to show off his arm. The former member of the Navy would serve for his country and then put together an outstanding career in the NFL.

Staubach would throw for 22,700 yards, 153 touchdowns, and 109 interceptions in 11 seasons in the NFL. Not to mention, he would help the Cowboys win their first two Super Bowls in 1971 and 1977.

1. Troy Aikman

Some fans of the Cowboys may hold the opinion that Staubach is the greatest quarterback to dawn the star on his helmet. If they aren’t uttering Staubach’s name, then they are likely of the opinion that Troy Aikman is Dallas’ best signal-caller.

Near the end of White’s career with the Cowboys, the team began to falter a bit, securing the No. 1 pick in the 1989 NFL Draft. With the No. 1 pick in the 1989 NFL Draft, Dallas took Aikman, and it was the best choice they’ve ever made. The trio of Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin would become a headache for opposing defenses.

The UCLA product would throw for 32,942 yards and 165 touchdowns in 12 seasons with the Cowboys (both second-most in franchise history). Above all, Dallas would win three Super Bowls during the tenure of Aikman, making him a celebrated member of the organization.