Even though House of the Dragon season 1 ended a few weeks ago, the hype is certainly there because of how compelling and exciting the finale was. With all of the tension and drama being built up throughout the ten episodes, it’s only fitting for fans to want more from this HBO hit series. The thing is, season 2 won’t come out until 2024 and there are still a lot of things that need answers. We take a look below at the five questions facing fans of the show after the epic season finale.

5 burning questions left behind by the House of the Dragon season 1 finale

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5. Did Lucerys Velaryon really die?

What started out as a seemingly easy task for Rhaenyra Targaryen’s second son turned out to be a disaster for the Blacks. After concluding that they need to consolidate their allies, Viserys’ heir assigns Jacaerys and Lucerys to set out and gather the support of three major houses – Arryn, Stark, and Baratheon. Turns out, the elder son of Rhaenyra is assigned to take on the first two while Lucerys has the assignment to speak to the third one.

What everyone in Rhaenyra’s camp doesn’t know is that Aemond Targaryen got there first and secured the loyalty of Borros Baratheon by offering to marry one of his daughters. But things quickly go south when Aemond’s anger toward his nephew got the better of him when he chased him on Vhagar near the shores of Storm’s End. Apparently, so does his dragon too when Arrax, Lucerys’ dragon retaliated. All of these events led to Vhagar tearing Arrax in half, leading the young Velaryon to fall.

Since no body was seen, many fans are asking whether Lucerys survived the fall. While a lot of people would have gotten their hopes up, the young prince doesn’t survive at all. In the source material, Arrax’s remains washed up on the shores of Storm’s End days after the fateful event. Lucerys doesn’t appear after that, leading to the conclusion that he really passed away.

4. Who was that Dragon in the dark?

After realizing that their side needs more power, Daemon took it upon himself to accomplish that goal. The next we see him is somewhere inside a dark place singing in Old Valyrian. Out of nowhere, a dragon appears and looks threateningly at the Rogue Prince.

This dragon is named Vermithor and it has been kept within the confines of Dragonstone ever since King Jaehaerys Targaryen died. At this point in time, Vermithor is an old dragon and the second largest in the world, next to Vhagar. If Daemon manages to turn the dragon to their side and find a suitable rider for it, the balance of power would certainly be balanced at least when they face the Greens in the coming season.

3. What role will Aemond Targaryen play in House of the Dragon season 2

Needless to say, Aemond is one of the few characters in House of the Dragon to gain a dedicated following among fans. While Daemon is certainly the more compelling individual, Alicent Hightower’s second son has a few traits that have captured the attention of viewers. And with him inadvertently killing Lucerys in the season finale, it looks like there’s bound to be more for Aemond when season 2 comes around.

Delving into spoiler territory, there really is more in store for the prince when future seasons of HOD show up on HBO. For one, he’s going to be the Greens’ most talented warrior and the supposed tip of their spear. Things will only accelerate from that point on because Aemond will become Protector of the Realm after Aegon becomes unable to serve. And of course, the mounting tension between him and Daemon isn’t being built up for nothing as these two will face each other. In any case, big things are waiting for Aemond in the years to come.

2. Who is Cregan Stark?

While Lucerys got Storm’s End, Jacaerys was assigned by Rhaenyra to fly off to the Eyrie to win the support of House Arryn. After that, the prince is to go to Winterfell to deal with House Stark. Rhaenyra then remarks that the head of House Stark, Cregan, is closer to him in age, making it possible for Jacaerys to accomplish the second part of his task.

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In Fire & Blood, Cregan Stark rules the North during this point in time. He recently lost his brother and will somehow see him in Jacaerys, forming the two to develop a close bond. This friendship will culminate in A Pact of Ice and Fire, an alliance between Houses Stark and Targaryen with Jacaerys’s firstborn daughter marrying Rickon, the son of Cregan Stark. With the showrunners confirming that Cregan and Winterfell will appear in season 2, House of the Dragon fans will see more of this character and how he will eventually play out for the duration of the entire series.

1. Why would Daemon Targaryen choke his wife?

After several episodes of building Daemon and Rhaenyra’s relationship, fans are wondering why the former would go on to physically hurt his wife in the season finale. For starters, Daemon has always been a chaotic individual with his own unique sense of honor. With the Greens stealing Rhaenyra’s birthright and the possibility of Viserys being murdered, Daemon is obviously itching to take the fight to them.

Instead of going on the offensive, Daemon sees Rhaenyra taking a slower and more calculated approach. This is seen when she refuses to kill Otto Hightower when he went to Dragonstone or take action against certain lords. All of that frustration built up inside Daemon spilled over when Rhaenyra still refused to draw first blood against Alicent, leading him to choke the queen when they were alone.

Of course, it doesn’t help that he discovers Aegon the Conqueror’s vision of a threat up north called the Song of Ice and Fire from Rhaenyra, a revelation reserved only for the heir to the Iron Throne. Daemon learns that Viserys never trusted him with this information, even if he was the next in line all those years. With those details in mind, it’s only natural for someone of Daemon’s character to lash out at Rhaenyra during the season finale.

With House of the Dragon season 2 coming in 2024, there’ll be a lot more questions than answers in store for fans. While it’ll be a long wait, it’s going to be worth it when this HBO hit series comes back.