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5 Jayson Tatum rookie cards that sold for the craziest prices

In 2017, some Boston Celtics fans wondered both with awe and doubt whether trading down from the top draft spot would be a good idea. At that time, they had just traded for Kyrie Irving, securing the point guard position. This made the top picks at that time, Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball, unnecessary for their plans. As a result of this move, they ended up using the third pick of the draft on Jayson Tatum.

The decision couldn’t have turned out any better for Tatum and the Celtics.

Fans have seen Tatum develop from a promising rookie season to a full-blown star during his third year in the league. Now in his fourth, the Celtics All-Star is continuing to impress by averaging career highs in points, rebounds, assists, and field goal percentage, among other categories. 

Tatum’s ascension to the top has fans all over the world excited for his future in Boston. The same goes for card collectors. The Celtics star enjoys a prominent presence among the community, with his cards commanding premium prices. This is especially true for Tatum’s rookie cards on the market right now.

Shown below are five Jayson Tatum rookie cards that fetched crazy-high prices when they were recently sold on the market.

5. 2017-18 Select Tie-Dye Prizm Rookie Card /25 PSA 10

Coming in at No. 5 on this list is a thing of beauty. Jayson Tatum’s Select Tie-Dye card from his rookie year is something to behold at. Its intricate design grants a sense of wonder and awe with the Celtics star right in the middle. The card’s limited print run to only 25 copies certainly increases its value as well.

What makes this Tatum card more desirable is its PSA 10 mint grade. The fact that there are only four cards with this kind of grading is also a welcome detail. All of these qualities pushed the card’s price to $9,999 when it was sold on Oct. 28, 2020.

4. 2017-18 Immaculate Gold Rookie Card /10 PSA 10

It’s always a wonder to own a numbered card from a premium brand like Panini Immaculate. Things get better if you have one from Jayson Tatum’s rookie year. That’s certainly how the owner of this 2017-18 Immaculate Gold Rookie Card feels.

For starters, it’s numbered to 10 and has a PSA mint 10 score. As far as cards are concerned, this combination really knocks it out of the park with its $9,999 price tag. Add its clean-looking design, and you’ve got a classic card of an NBA All-Star in your hands. 

3. 2017-18 Select Courtside Zebra PSA 10

There’s just something about Select’s Zebra cards. This distinct parallel really captures the attention of collectors everywhere because there’s nothing like it on the market.

Just take Jayson Tatum’s 2017-18 Select Courtside Zebra rookie card. It’s a marvel to look at because of its eye-catching design, which helps Boston’s superstar to stand out. It’s also slabbed with a PSA 10 gem-mint grade, making it more valuable.

As 2020 was about to end, a fan bit the bullet and purchased this grail for $12,999. Even if it’s considered an exuberant purchase, you can expect this card to soar higher with each game Tatum dominates for the Celtics.

2. 2017-18 Immaculate Rookie Patch Auto Gold /10

Just this year, on Jan. 10 to be exact, a fan dished out $13,500 for a single card: Jayson Tatum’s 2017-18 Immaculate Rookie Patch Auto Gold /10. As mentioned earlier, Immaculate’s status as one of the top brands produced by Panini is in full effect here. The dual-color patch is paired with the young star’s signature within a green and gold design.

The card’s limited print run to 10 copies, of which this is the third, only serves to make it a sought-after card among collectors. Just imagine if this is sent to a grading company and achieves a good grade. That would make the amount invested in this card more worth it.

1. 2017-18 Prizm Rookie Card Orange / 49 BGS 9.5

At the top of this list is no surprise at all. Prizm has long been the gold standard among card enthusiasts, and it is clearly shown here. Tatum’s 2017-18 Prizm Orange /49 rookie card encased in a BGS 9.5 slab was sold on Jan. 15, 2021 at a whopping price of $14,999.99.

There are several factors that come into play here. For one, the parallel card’s limited print run ensures that there are few copies floating around the market. Its gem-mint condition locks in the card’s value as well. Plus, with the way Boston’s All-Star is playing, this card will surely command a premium price. All of these details come together to make this item the most expensive Jayson Tatum card, as of the moment.