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5 most likely free agency destinations for Le’Veon Bell

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The Pittsburgh Steelers don’t seem to be getting any closer to closing on a deal with Le’Veon Bell to secure his services with the franchise long-term. While James Conner is a talented young back, he isn’t quite as skilled and is nowhere near as experienced as Bell.

le'veon bell

Conner’s late game fumble against the Cleveland Browns played a big role in the 21-21 tie end result. The Steelers don’t need Bell to be a playoff contender, but he would definitely help them make a deep playoff run this year.

While trading him could bring in an asset that could benefit their team now, it’s unlikely that the Steelers would acquire a player who can impact a game like Bell. There are a host of NFL teams that could use Bell’s versatility to help them ascend to the next level.

Here are a list of of five teams that have the best shot at signing the All-Pro back.

5. Oakland Raiders

Derek Carr, Raiders

Raiders fans were excited when they acquired quarterback guru Jon Gruden to be the team’s new head coach. They have a talented young quarterback in Derek Carr, one of the league’s most dangerous wide receivers in Amari Cooper, and a tight end in Jared Cook that recorded 9 receptions for 180 yards in Week 1.

Even though they traded Khalil Mack, they are a good all-around team that is just missing a few key pieces. Marshawn Lynch had 11 carries for 41 yards and a touchdown last week, but he’s nowhere near the receiving threat Bell is.

The NFL is loosening their restrictions on partnerships with casinos, and the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas in 2020. When Lynch is a free agent next summer, there will be plenty of room for Bell to step in and make the Raiders’ offense even more reputable. There could be opportunities for a big payday in Las Vegas.

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