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Paul George, Indiana Pacers

5 most likely superstars who wanted to team up with Paul George on the Pacers

Everyone loves to ponder on the what-ifs of life. This is particularly the case when two superstars were so close to suiting up for one team. With a superstar the caliber of Paul George, it’s a great disappointment that these what-ifs never came to be.

Nevertheless, it’s still worth taking a look at what could have been a budding championship team in Indiana. Here are the 5 most likely superstars who wanted to team up with Paul George and the Pacers.

5. Anthony Davis

As Paul George stated in a recent interview, he almost teamed up with the “best power forward.” Anthony Davis certainly fits the bill as the hands down winner. However, this was highly unlikely. This was due to the fact that he was still too early in his career to demand a trade right after agreeing to extend his rookie contract.

4. Paul Millsap

Good duo? Probably. Championship-level? Maybe not. This workhorse wasn’t specifically dominant in one area, but he did a lot of things really well to balance everything out. Millsap was in the debate of the top 10 power forwards in the game and he was a free agent that summer too. Sadly, he signed with the Denver Nuggets.

3. Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony, Blazers


This kind of happened, only not in Indiana for Paul George. Carmelo Anthony could certainly make the argument as one of the best power forwards when age was still on his side (and when he’d willingly play the position). Would they have been a dominant pair? It seems like a coin flip. Fast forward, the players finally suited up for the same team under the Oklahoma City Thunder and everyone knows how that worked out.

2. Blake Griffin

This would have been scary. Not only was Blake Griffin arguably the second best power forward at that time, but he was also on the trade market. Beyond all the monster dunks, he was in the midst of developing a solid post-up game along with improved playmaking. What could have been, indeed.

1. Lamarcus Aldridge

This guy might have been the most realistic pick of the bunch. Lamarcus Aldridge was not only an excellent power forward, but he requested for a trade during the 2017 offseason too. While one can only speculate, it certainly is possible that Aldridge reached out to Paul George about a move to Indiana as the stars were so close to aligning in this case.

Bonus Pick: Kawhi Leonard

On a positive note, at least Paul George finally got to team up with Kawhi Leonard on the Los Angeles Clippers.