5 Players Who Shouldn't be in the NBA Anymore
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5 Players Who Shouldn’t be in the NBA Anymore

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It’s quite an accomplishment to make it as an NBA player. Just 0.00000006% of the Earth’s population are actively in the league. Even the relative “worst” NBA players are world-class athletes, but some players are better than others.

Carmelo Anthony, Rockets


There are a group of players who are past their prime, or just never really had a prime to begin with, and don’t really belong in the league anymore. Here are five players who should be out of the NBA.

5. Udonis Haslem

There is a very good chance that Haslem decides to hang up his sneakers along with Dwyane Wade following the season. At this point, he is better suited to be an assistant coach, as he has played in only three games this season and has not been effective in nearly eight years. Haslem was always an undersized power forward, and now, at 38 years old, he lacks the athleticism and quickness to make up for what he lacks in height.

Udonis Haslem

He last started a game in 2014-2015 and his games played and minutes per game have only decreased since then. It is clear that Haslem is nearly finished, and he is just taking up a roster spot currently. However, his locker room presence and leadership is worth that sacrifice, and is a reason why he should have a role with the Miami Heat organization moving forward, just not as a player.

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