5 things to know about Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky
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Mitchell Trubisky, Bears

5 things to know about Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky

Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is entering his third NFL season, where it feels like a make or break year for the young signal caller’s career. Trubisky struggled in his rookie year, but bounced back nicely in year two where he led the Bears to the playoffs and looked much improved along the way.

Fans are looking for the former Tar Heel to take the next step, however, and a pivotal year three will determine much about the direction the franchise chooses to go for the long term.

Here are five things you should know about Mitch Trubisky.

5. Trubisky started just 13 college football games

Trubisky only started at the University of North Carolina for one season under head coach Larry Fedora in a spread offense. He showed enough upside to get drafted by Chicago with the number two overall pick in the 2017 draft. Trubisky was thrust into a starting role and has now played in twice as many NFL games than starts at Chapel Hill.

4. He drives a Camry

According to the Chicago Tribune, Trubisky still drives a 1997 beige Toyota Camry.

“So my 1997 Toyota Camry, little beige color, handed down from my grandmother, I think I got that in my freshman or sophomore year in college,” he said. “My dad drove it up for me from Florida. Yeah, that’s my car. It’s got 170,000 miles on it so it can still lug around a little bit. It can still move pretty well, get me from point A to point B.”

Mitchell Trubisky, Bears

If the young quarterback can help the Bears return to the playoffs in 2019, he might be making the upgrade to a 1998 model sooner than later.

3. His parents met as teammates on a flag football team

Jeanne and Dave Trubisky met at the University of Akron while playing on a co-ed flag football team. Both, having played multiple sports in high school, try to stake claim to Mitch’s athleticism. Even though Dave coached Mitch in high school, he probably knows better than to disagree with his wife. Speaking of which….

2. Mitch wears jersey No. 10 in honor of his dad, who wore it in high school

Dave Trubisky was a star quarterback in high school, even fielding some division three offers. He decided to turn these down to focus on his engineering degree. Dave eventually coached his son through pee wee football and Mitch wanted to pick his jersey number to honor his father, who was there for him from the beginning.

Mitch Trubisky

1. Trubisky grew up a Cleveland Browns fan

Born in Mentor, Ohio, Mitch was lucky enough to inherit the Cleveland Browns as his local team to root for. Trubisky grew up dreaming of playing quarterback in Cleveland, and almost had the chance. Defensive end Myles Garrett was drafted by Cleveland number one over in 2017 — the pick before Mitch.

The Bears will look to make it to the playoffs for a second straight year in 2019. It’s not easy to keep up the production of a top three defense for an extended amount of time. Chicago will need to lean on Trubisky to give them some more fire power on offense if they want to compete for a Super Bowl.