76ers electrician hid 'trust the process' signs around team's facility
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76ers electrician hid ‘trust the process’ signs around team’s facility

Sam Hinkie Sixers electrician

Former Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie had his fair share of supporters and detractors alike, as he would become known as the man who purposefully tanked the Sixers in hopes of rebuilding the team with high draft picks across a number of years.

Hinkie stepped down from his position as the team’s GM in 2016. But the wake of his actions, at least on paper, project a very bright future for the team.

Speaking of bright, a certain electrician came up with a clever idea of leaving Easter eggs honoring Hinkie and his “process”. John Gonzalez of The Ringer released a compelling story on a man fittingly going by the mere name of “Son of Sam”, who worked on the Sixers’ new practice facility and left various messages in the unlikeliest of places far from what the naked eye could see.

With a Sharpie on one hand and an electrical device on the other, Son of Sam left notes like “Hinkie died for this” and the less-than cryptic initials of “TTP” (trust the process) amongst other musings on a good number of items.

Sixers electrician 1

(via “Son of Sam”/The Ringer)

Sixers electrician 2

(via “Son of Sam”/The Ringer)

Sixers electrician 3

(via “Son of Sam”/The Ringer)

SOS made it a point to keep his doings out of plain sight by writing on his objects of choice right where others won’t be able to easily spot them. Not unless somebody from the Sixers facility decides to pry open an electrical outlet or rip off a lighting fixture, that is.

It’s also safe to say that these gems left by Son of Sam will more than outlive Hinkie’s own three-year tenure with the organization.