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A version of NBA Jam exists with Michael Jordan on it

NBA Jam is a video game everyone remembers from their childhood. It featured almost all prominent NBA players at the time of the game’s release, but there were notable absences. The most notable one is the consensus greatest player of all-time, Michael Jordan.

Jordan was unique in a sense that he owned the rights to his likeness and, due to that, the creator of the game, Mark Turmell, could not include him in the game. However, Supersonics legend Gary Payton made sure that there was a version of this iconic game with Jordan.

According to Sports Illustrated’s oral history of NBA Jam, Payton reached out to Turmell to create a game with Payton himself, Jordan and Ken Griffey, Jr., then-Mariners outfielder. Payton, showing his commitment to this idea of his, actually took nine images of himself and sent them to Turmell, who then created the unique game and gave it Jordan and Payton for their personal use.

The most important question — can the game be played today — was answered in a Reddit AMA that Turmell held around three months ago. Turmell said he would have no trouble publishing the game online, as soon as he found the EPROM.

This version of the game would surely bring a lot of nostalgia to NBA fans who played this arcade game in 1993, when it was released.