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Adam Silver believes that teams should go to the White House if invited

Adam Silver

The new U.S. president, Donald Trump, is not very popular in the league. Many NBA personalities came out in support for other candidates, critiquing the 45th president. Due to this, it was unclear if the tradition of NBA champions visiting the White House would continue.

The current NBA champions, Golden State Warriors, claimed that they would not go. Their players, primarily Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala and David West, were very critical of Trump in the past. However, NBA commissioner Adam Silver believes that the Warriors should go, if invited.

In a recent interview with The Players’ Tribune, Silver expressed his desire that the tradition continues.

“I definitely don’t think it should be a league decision,” Silver said. “I don’t think we should be directing teams or players to go to the White House. It’s my view that if invited, our teams should go to the White House. Regardless of people’s personal political views, I think that these institutions are bigger than any individual politician or any individual elected official. And it concerns me that something like going to the White House after winning a championship – something that’s been a great tradition – would become one that is partisan. I will say, though, even though I think that teams should make decisions as organizations, that I would also respect an individual player’s decision not to go.”

When the same franchise won the title in 2015, they visited then-president Barack Obama. Also, the Cleveland Cavaliers visited Obama the following season.