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The reality behind expanding to more than 30 NBA teams, defined by Adam Silver

NBA as a league is never a finished product — it’s constantly evolving. There are aspects that could be improved and things that can enhance the player experience, the fan experience and the whole sport in general. One idea is an expansion of the league, and that can be undertaken in many ways.

First of all, the expansion could mean new US-based franchises for cities such as Seattle, Las Vegas, Kansas City to name a few, with cities like San Diego also in the mix. Alongside those, there is also Vancouver for example which could look to bring an NBA franchise to the city, and maybe get a better result than the Memphis Grizzlies experiment that failed miserably at the end of the 90’s.

One more expansion idea in terms of the number of teams could be the initiation of the first Mexico-based franchise, building on the fact that some games played in Mexico City during this season. Reports earlier in the season stated that the NBA is thinking, although not in the near future, about including teams in Seattle and Mexico City, with Louisville also in the mix for, at the earliest, the 2018-19 season.

Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner, once again stated that he is not against the expansion. According to Tim Bontemps of The Washington Post, Silver reaffirmed that there is no doubt that there will be a turn back to further NBA expansion.

That expansion mode is a great mode to increase the NBA reach. However, it is a shame that Seattle, for example, does not have a NBA franchise anymore — a city lived for their professional basketball team and fans who cannot wait for a return of NBA basketball to this city in the Northwest. What an era it was:

Ray Allen Rashard Lewis Sonics

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

However, what exactly is the limit of NBA expansions? There are even, albeit silent, talks about a future franchise based in the UK, but those murmurs still remain rumors. It is nice to see that the popularity of the game rising as more cities are interested in having their own professional NBA team.