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Air quality concerns grow for game between Cal and Washington State

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Football is not as important as people, quality of life, or about a billion other things. It is why Washington State facing Cal on Friday night has a growing concern that should trump a game being played by unpaid laborers.

Raging wildfires have caused the air quality in Northern California to be a mess. As a result, Cal facing Washington State might be cancelled. As of this moment, however, the air quality is only being monitored by the proper people.

“There’s a level that they keep us updated on and what’s appropriate to work out in, so we were good,” Cal head coach Justin Wilcox said, per The Mercury News. “Obviously, (we’re) watching that and monitoring constantly.”

According to NCAA guidelines, all athletes should be removed from the field if the air quality rating is 200 or above. As of Wednesday, the air quality index in Berkley, California was 187. Per the NCAA, all athletes should be closely monitored in environments with an AQI rating over 150.

A spokesperson for Cal is in contact with the Pac-12 about the situation, but wasn’t sure when a final decision to play or cancel would be required.

Other programs and games that are being played around those raging fires have also been keeping an eye on the area’s air quality. With Cal-Washington State set for Friday, with a handful more games scheduled for Saturday, it will be interesting to see both when and if games are cancelled, postponed or just moved to another site for a later date.