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Al Horford's wife: Amelia Vega, Al Horford, Amelia Vega, Al Horford Girlfriend

Al Horford’s Wife: Amelia Vega

Al Horford has carved out a solid NBA career, playing 14 full seasons and being named to six All-Star teams. Al Horford’s wife Amelia Vega has also garnered success in her own right. Let’s get to know the strong, beautiful woman behind the All-Star big man.

Al Horford’s Wife: Amelia Vega

Al Horford's wife: Amelia Vega, Al Horford, Amelia Vega, Al Horford Girlfriend

Most men would claim that their wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. But Al Horford is one of the few men who can say it without hyperbole. Al Horford’s wife Amelia Vega won the title of Miss Universe back in 2003, years before Horford was even drafted into the NBA.

Born on November 7, 1984, Vega won the coveted crown at the tender age of 18 in Panama City, Panama. Standing at a sultry six feet tall and a gorgeous face, it definitely came as no surprise. She was the youngest to win the crown in nearly 20 years, beating out contenders Miss Venezuela and Miss South Africa for the title. Al Horford’s wife beat him to bank riches as the prize money came to around $250,000, along with thousands worth in additional cash and prizes.

Vega also tried her hand at a music career. She released her first single entitled “Pasa Un Segundito” back in 2010, which became a top hit among the latin song charts. She released another song, an environmental anthem called “Smog”, the following year.

Although both Al Horford and his wife are from the Dominican Republic, the Celtics center and beauty queen surprisingly met in Boston. The couple got married on December 24, Christmas Eve back in 2011. The wedding itself hit a snag when there was suddenly no mode of transportation to bring Horford’s wife to the venue. But family friend and Dominican icon David Ortiz came to the rescue.

It was December 2011. The NBA lockout had just ended, but Al Horford was still in the Dominican Republic. He was getting married to his now-wife Amelia Vega, a former Miss Universe whom he’d met in, of all places, Boston. And there was a problem.

“We’re down there, and I realize I’m supposed to get a limo for [my wife], to pick her up and take her to where we’re getting married,” Horford says. “And then, obviously being in the Dominican Republic, things never go how they’re supposed to. So three hours before the wedding, we find out that there’s no limo.”

It was also Christmas Eve.

“I literally freaked out,” Horford remembers. “Nothing’s open, I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Eventually he did what one does in the case of Dominican emergencies. He called David Ortiz: “I’m like, ‘Hey man, this is what’s going on. We’re getting married in a couple hours. I need a car. What am I going to do?’ ”

“Don’t worry,” Ortiz said. “I got you.”

The best part was that David Ortiz wasn’t even in the Dominican Republic to attend the actual event. He just lent Horford his Rolls-Royce Phantom he had lying around in his parking garage, which he allowed Al Horford and his wife to use for the rest of their stay there. It definitely pays to have famous and powerful friends in support of your marriage.

Al Horford and his wife have four beautiful children together. They had their first child, their only boy named Ean, back in 2015. Their second child Alia, their eldest daughter, was born the following year. The gaps widened for their next two bundles of joy as their third child, and second daughter, was born in 2018. The couple had their most recent addition to their family, a lovely daughter named Nova, back in January of 2021.


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Al Horford has had a successful NBA career, spanning multiple seasons and racking up various accolades in the process. But behind all of the basketball star’s success was Amelia Vega, who held the fort on the other side of his life. Al Horford’s wife has garnered success in her own right and continues to share a beautiful life with her husband.