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Innersloth runs into hurdles with Among Us chat update

Innersloth, Among Us

Innersloth set out to make some improvements to its hit game Among Us this weekend before everything crumbled. The latest update added a quick chat wheel function that made it “easier, faster, and safer” to play the game. The patch also lowered the age gate down to 13. Younger players could still play the game by using the instant chat options in the new feature. Unfortunately, a few minutes following the patch announcement, Innersloth discovered several lobby glitches that messed up the game entirely.


The game began giving players blank screens while the lobby system completely stopped working. Some players managed to get into games but they couldn’t stay long enough to finish any tasks. Fortunately, Innersloth quickly handled the situation within hours of the bugs wreaking havoc.

Beyond all the funny update announcements, Among Us players rejoiced at the option of being able to spam “Yeet” in any game with the new function. Innersloth replied to the happy messages by stating that they focused on “only the most important words.”

Following the whole debacle surrounding the latest Among Us update, the developers jokingly added “still working on bug fixes!!” to their Twitter handle. Similar quick chat updates will head over to other ports of the game once they’ve been properly vetted.

Innersloth’s swift handling of the bug issue reaffirms their passion for their hit game. They even have the leeway to poke fun at themselves with meme-level jokes describing the bug issue. Hopefully, the current build of Among Us remains stable enough to allow its players to spam Yeets in chat.