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Noah Syndergaard fires back at claims he took shot at Mets over Reid Detmers’ no-hitter for Angels

Angels, Mets, Noah Synergaard, Francisco Lindor, Max Scherzer

After Reid Detmers completed a no-hitter for the Los Angeles Angels in just his 11th ever start, Noah Syndergaard celebrated it in a way that looked like a shot at his former team, the New York Mets.

Syndergaard, who spent seven years with the Mets, made a comment about Detmers’ feat that suggested the Mets’ combined no-no was inferior. He then later clarified that he was not talking about New York and that they have a good team. The Angels’ veteran insisted he was only congratulating his younger teammate.

Syndergaard’s comments about what a “real” no-hitter is made it seem like he was undoubtedly taking a shot a the Mets, who own the only other no-hitter this season, in which five pitchers contributed. If Syndergaard simply wishes to congratulate his Angels teammate, why would he insinuate what a “real” no-hitter is like? He cleared up his comment by taking a shot at the Mets mascot.

The Mets opted not to pursue re-signing Syndergaard this past offseason, which led him to sign with the Angels. Not receiving a lot of interest from New York, who helped turn him into a star, disappointed him. Both sides have done well after splitting up, though. Both teams have top-four records in the majors and leading their respective divisions while Syndergaard has a 2.45 ERA so far this season.

If Noah Syndergaard truly does have an axe to grind with the Mets, he can show them what a real no-hitter looks like in June when the Angels come to town.