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Another Spider-Man villain might be getting their very own movie

Spider-Man Sony Pictures Black Cat Felicity

According to That Hashtag Show, it seems like Sony is going all-in with their Spider-Man universe by adding another villain origin movie. And it’s none other than Black Cat.

Well technically, Black Cat isn’t really a villain. She’s more of an antihero and serves as a love interest for ol’ spidey. She made her first on-screen debut back in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Felicity Jones played by Felicia Hardy. Although her role there wasn’t really that memorable aside from being Harry Osborne’s assistant.

That Hashtag Show claims that the film is a Black Cat origin story. Felicia’s father will disappear and Felicia will have to start fending for herself. The film’s main villain will be Chameleon alongside Blaze as an Enforcer.

Venom was the first of the villain origin films Sony experimented on. The movie was very successful thanks to Tom Hardy carrying the role magnificently as Eddie Brock and we’re already getting a sequel coming in September. Another villain will also be getting the spotlight soon when Jared Leto’s Morbius comes out in theaters.

Disney and Marvel Studios is already on phase 4 and it seems like nothing is stopping that train. So it’s no surprise that Sony is keen on developing their Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters or SPUMC for short. (quite a mouthful if you ask me)

Tom Holland is apparently reprising his role as Spider-Man for the SPUMC. Although it’s not yet clear whether we’ll see him in the Black Cat film. Maybe we’ll find out once Spider-Man: No Way Home is released.