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Apex Legends Guides: Everything you need to know about Monsters Within

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It’s once again the season where monsters and diabolical creatures take over Apex Legends. This year, Respawn brings to us the Monsters Within Halloween event. Monsters Within will go live on October 12, 2021, and will conclude come November 2, 2021.

To celebrate this scary occasion, there will be a total of 40 cosmetics based on the Monsters Within event. As part of all those cosmetics, the set will feature some new terrifying legendary skins for select few legends. These legends include Bloodhound, Seer, Caustic, and Revenant. In addition to these new skins will be some returning Halloween skins as well. 

This wouldn’t be a legitimate event without any rewards to collect. Monsters Within will feature special limited Apex packs to gain after completing certain quests. These packs contain all Monsters Within themed cosmetics free for everyone to get. In case you end up not having the time to participate, these cosmetics will appear in regular Apex packs too. Sadly, the chances of a player drawing these items from regular packs are slim. Also, Respawn mentioned that all Monsters Within items are craftable with crafting materials. 

In addition to all the new cosmetics will be a new map for Arenas mode. The new map called Encore is an homage to Season 10’s newest legend Seer. Encore is set in Seer’s homeland and is even designed to the way Seer’s outfit looks. 

The Halloween-themed game mode called Shadow Royale LTM is also making its return this year. The game mode will pop up during the peak of Halloween beginning on October 26, 2021. Shadow Royale LTM will run for a week-long until the Monsters Within event officially ends on November 2, 2021.