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Apex Legends tap-strafing is staying a little bit longer

Apex Legends Tap-Strafing

Previously, everyone was upset to find out about the removal of Apex Legends‘ tap-strafing. However, thanks to some realizations by Respawn Entertainment, the player-discovered movement is here to stay for a little longer. 

Not too long ago, Respawn decided to remove Apex Legends‘ tap-strafing in the game since it gave players unintended advantages. Tap-strafing was never meant to be part of the movement system since Respawn never included it in the game’s tutorials. Even so, players eventually discovered this method which gave them movement advantages during gunfights. Since the method came from the base-movement system, it’ll be difficult for Respawn to simply get rid of tap-strafing.

True enough the developers did come to this realization and posted a tweet about it recently. Respawn goes on to explain that they’ve discovered some unexpected side effects from removing tap-strafing. In addition to that statement, Respawn mentions that they still intend to remove the method but in a later patch instead. 

A follow-up tweet came after, explaining further the reason why they had to delay the removal. The developers say that movement is an important mechanic in Apex Legends. Jeopardizing this just because of a method that they want to remove might cost ruining the game entirely. For now, Respawn is trying to figure out a way to get rid of tap-strafing without ruining the movement system. 

Many players believe that tap-strafing shouldn’t go away in the first place since it’s technically not cheating. It’s a clean maneuver executed in the game’s intended movement system. However, since other Apex players aren’t able to learn how to utilize this method, Respawn decided to take action. But who knows? Because Respawn is having difficulty removing tap-strafing, maybe they might decide to keep it entirely.