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Are Donovan Mitchell and Davion Mitchell brothers? No, but here are 3 crazy similarities

Davion Mitchell’s incredible run for the Baylor Bears has put him on the radar of basketball fans all over the world. The Georgia native has helped propel his team to the school’s first-ever national title as the Bears dominated Gonzaga in the 2021 NCAA Championship game. Now that he’s potentially on his way to the NBA, the confusion with regards to him being brothers with Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell will continue to rise.

Are Donovan Mitchell and Davion Mitchell brothers?

Just to set the record straight, these two aren’t brothers. To be fair, we had to google it to be sure, because, why not? They have the same initials and last name!

While they are not brothers–to our disappointment!–they do share a handful of similarities that have the entire basketball world scratching their heads.

The most obvious one is the similarity in their jerseys. Both Mitchells wear the number 45. Obviously, they both rock the surname Mitchell right on top of this. Putting the Bears away unis side by side with Utah’s slick Earned Edition jersey will definitely make you look twice.

Did you also know that these two are Zodiac sign brothers? Both Donovan Mitchell and Davion Mitchell are actually Virgos since their birthdays are just two days apart. Donovan was born on September 7, 1996, while the younger Davion was born a couple of years after on September 5, 1998.

Next, these two play the same game. These two spit-fire athletes both play the guard position and the similarity on how they approach the game of basketball is a bit uncanny. Both Donovan and Davion have made a living on the defensive end and even have similar shooting forms. It doesn’t hurt that they both stand around 6-feet, with Davion (6’2) enjoying a one-inch advantage over Donovan (6’1).

And yes, Davion can jump like Spida, too:

“I think the coolest part is everybody knows that he can defend, and he can do so many different things,” Donovan said of the Baylor standout (via MSN). “But he’s shooting the ball well off the dribble, getting his teammates involved and just being the leader as a whole. Understanding that he can shoot the ball every time, but he defers and finds ways to get everybody involved collectively.”

Davion’s March Madness campaign this season has upped his stock and his NCAA title has put him in the running to enter the NBA as a potential top-10 pick in the coming 2021 Draft. If the projections are right, Davion is poised to enter the league and shock the entire world, and not just because of his name.