Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is bringing back huge robot combat to gaming, but there are some caveats. Here is what critics have to say about Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, including their reviews and scores for the game.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon Review Scores: 86 Average on Metacritic

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is the latest installment in the Armored Core Series. It is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5Xbox One and Series X, and PC.

Metacritic aggregated reviews for the game on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The PlayStation 5 version received 53 reviews and has an average score of 87. The PC version, on the other hand, has 27 reviews and also has an average score of 87. Finally, there's the Xbox Series X version, which received an average of 79 over 8 reviews. This gives the game a weighted average of 86 spread over 88 reviews.

VideoGamer gave the game a perfect score of 100. They called the game a “masterful return to form for the series that incorporates the modern design philosophies of From Software.” They also praised the game's world, calling its “dystopian world” a “brutally gorgeous aesthetic.” The game's refined gameplay was also “elevated by exceptional boss battles.” According to them, “any fan of the series new or old will find something to love.”

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GamesHub also gave the game a perfect score, calling it an “unsympathetic and cold-blooded game.” The critic even likened it to “a cup of bitter, black coffee”, which “suits [their] palate perfectly.” They praised the game for having “moments that make you feel very powerful”, as well as “moments that make you very, very small.” They mentioned that players are “pushed to overcome the impossible”, which will have players “wearing an exhausted, wry smile.”

Eurogamer gave the game a score of 100 as well. They said that the developers were able to deliver “a superlative action game that builds on its Soulslike pedigree while staying lean and laser-focused.” Siliconera said something similar and also gave the game a score of 100. According to them, this game might just be “the best game FromSoftware has made to date.” They expounded on this by saying that the game built upon “already solid foundations from Sekiro and Dark Souls and further innovating on the punishing combat the developer is known for.”

Inverse also gave the game a score of 100, saying that the game is “an utterly unforgettable experience with satisfyingly crunchy combat, a fascinating narrative with surprising twists, and deep customization for mech-heads.” They go as far as to say that if this game “is the future of Armored Core, then the future is bright indeed.” Windows Central gave the game a perfect score and said that “whether you're a longtime Armored Core Veteran or a curious Souls fan looking to see what else FromSoftware is capable of”, players will “absolutely love this game.” gave the game a slightly lower score of 95, saying that the game “has everything you could want in a mech game. They praised the game's controls in particular, saying that its “tight, responsive controls leave nothing to be desired.” They also said that in the game, “every battlefield is a work of art.” According to their review, Armored Core 6 is “the Armored Core you've been waiting more than a decade for, and is absolutely worth it.”

COCconnected also gave the game a score of 95, saying that the game is “not just fan service.” According to the game, it is “an incredible synthesis of a respected franchise and lessons learned over ten years of game design.” They said that for veterans of the series, the game “moves the series forward in a remarkably successful way.” They said that Dark Souls players “will still recognize FromSoftware's core philosophy of challenge, persistence, and reward”, even if Armored Core 6 is an entirely different experience. Lastly, they said that the game is “fast-paced, brutally difficult in places and extremely satisfying to play.”

LevelUp gave the game a score of 90, saying that the game “proves that FromSoftware remains one of the top game studios of our time, undefeated and unstoppable.”. They praised Armored Core 6 for being “the mech game we've all dreamed of since our childhood.” They specifically brought up that the game “packs that old-school, hardcore gaming challenge.” According to them, the game is “one of the best games of the year and a great comeback.”

Worth Playing also gave a score of 90 to the game, calling it a “darn fine entry into the franchise.” They described the game as having “buttery-smooth gameplay and incredibly cool combat” that was “an absolute delight to play.” For them, the game is “easily one of the best mecha action games”. They even compared it to Gundam Breaker 3, saying that the Gundam game is the only mecha game that has “a more involved and enjoyable mech customization system.” They said in their review that Armored Core 6 can give players a “really fun and well-crafted robot bashing experience… which is a delight to play.”

The Gamer gave the game yet another score of 90, calling it “the series at its peak as FromSoftware fires on all cylinders.” They praised the game's story in particular, saying that the “mech gunplay evolves far beyond mindless action to tell a story of the oppressed stripping bare the power of those they serve to better a dying world.” They mentioned that the game's story “will always be relevant”, and is also a “lesson of standing up to those in power who are tearing apart the world for personal gain.”

JeuxVideo gave the game a score of 85, as FromSoftware “brilliantly shows that its know-how is not limited to Dark Souls or Elden Ring.” According to them, the studio delivers “an action game with a rather irreproachable gameplay, at the same time tactical, demanding and ultra-dynamic, spearheading a frantic pace title.” They did, however, mention that they had “a slight disappointment for the major enemies in the 2nd part of the adventure”, as well as a “small lack of content.” Nevertheless, the game is “an addictive title” and a “great action game.” also gave a score of 85, calling the game a “daydream” for fans of the series. They praised the game for “what Armored Core should have always been, a frenetic and tactical action, which offers a unique level of customization and gives enormous satisfaction to anyone who wants to delve into its systems.” They did mention, however, that the game's “many technical evolutions and improvements to the system” were being held back. Specifically, they said that “the desire to stick to old structures” as well as the “somewhat chaotic difficulty curve” were holding it back. However, overall, it is still “a very high quality game, which [they] recommend without hesitation.”

PushSquare gives the game a mixed score of 70, saying that the game “admirably weds satisfying combat with extensive mech customisation, with short missions letting you quickly experiment with new ideas and builds.” Their qualm was that “once you've settled on an optimal loadout, it's those same quick-fire levels that begin to blunt the fun.” According to them, this results in a game that is “as enjoyable as it is frustrating.” To them, the game “was a worthwhile experience as a whole”, but “won't go down as a classic in the same way other FromSoftware titles have for the past decade.”

VG247 gave the game a score of 60, saying that the game is “the essence of a soft reboot.” They described the game as having “the unenviable task of drawing newcomers to a niche, sometimes overly challenging series without changing too much of what made fans like it to begin with” According to them, this resulted in the game being a “mixed experience that, while it has some shining moments of brilliance, feels a bit loose and never plays to its strengths.”

Digital Trends also gave the game a score of 60, calling the game a “powerful mech flying with faulty thrusters.” While the “fast-paced action game” is “loaded with thrilling dogfights and stimulating mech customization”, it was being dragged down by things like the “illegible UI and a headache-inducing third-person camera”, something they attributed as FromSoftware quirks. They said that it was “not enough to fully spoil an exciting ride, but it does leave [them] wondering how far a good tune-up would have gone.”

Is Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon worth it?

Judging by the sheer amount of positive reviews, I would say that the game is most definitely worth it. Mecha combat games have been few and far in between, and Armored Core 6 serves to fill up that chasm in gamers' hearts. Players who are interested in playing this game should, however, temper their expectations. Armored Core games, much like the other games FromSoftware has made in the past years, are just as unforgiving. Players should not go into this expecting to just breeze through the game. You will fail, and you will fail a lot. However, just keep on going, and you will likely have an experience like no other.

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