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Astro’s Playroom’s Team ASOBI working on ‘most ambitious’ game yet

Taem ASOBI logo on top of an Astro's Playroom key visual

Team ASOBI, the creators of Astro’s Playroom and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, teases that they are working on their ‘most ambitious game yet.’

Team ASOBI is a Tokyo-based studio that is one of Sony’s youngest studios. Their most recent work, Astro’s Playroom, received a lot of praise from video games media, in spite of being just a glorified tech demo of the PlayStation 5. Every unit of the PS5 came with the game, which is meant to demonstrate the full technical capabilities of the console. But Team ASOBI went beyond this, showing off the full potential of the console, as well as celebrating the colorful history of the PlayStation in the game’s easter eggs and design.

Hence, it’s very encouraging to see the young studio going at it again with a new project. This time, it seems that Team ASOBI is going after bigger fish. The studio launched their own website, as well as announcing on Twitter that they are working on this new project. The team is also expanding its roster of creative talents. Team ASOBI posted new job listings, with the new hires most likely going to be part of this new project.

The creative minds of Team ASOBI have already showcased their capabilities. They were able to make a full-fledged game with the constraints of being just a tech demo. We’re looking forward to seeing how the studio will evolve and develop new games of their own design. As for what this new project will be, we don’t have a full picture yet. But based on the job listings, it may be related to the Astro franchise still, and will most likely still be a 3D action platformer.