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Back 4 Blood Release Date Revealed during E3 2021

Back 4 Blood Release Date

Turtle Rock Studios didn’t retain the rights for Left 4 Dead when they parted ways with Valve. But that doesn’t mean they can’t keep making games like it. Enter: Back 4 Blood, the spiritual successor for the Left 4 Dead franchise. First revealed in March 2019, Turtle Rock Studios’ new partners: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will publish the game. And after E3 2021, Back 4 Blood finally has a release date.

Back 4 Blood Release Date: October 12, 2021

Fans who have heard about Back 4 Blood already know what they want. They’re really just waiting for the game to arrive. And thankfully, we now have a Back 4 Blood Release Date: it’s coming out on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on October 12, 2021.

The release date appeared during the Xbox/Bethesda Conference at E3 2021. Turtle Rock Studios made a special E3 Trailer to commemorate the event, showing off what we should expect from Back 4 Blood. The Left 4 Dead spiritual successor retains the core gameplay loop, but a lot of things have changed – both thematically and mechanics-wise. In Back 4 Blood, you form a party of four players – The Cleaners. Unlike the everyday man characters from Left 4 Dead who are just trying their best to survive, The Cleaners are professionals. They’re not scared of the dead, they hunt the dead. It’s their self-determined mission to eradicate the “Ridden” to create safe spaces for survivors of the apocalypse.

This means more confident and more self-assured characters. Their self-assuredness allows them to use Cards – which they use to form decks that change up the mechanics of a level. The levels become more dynamic this way, and even the AI director reacts to these changes with Corruption Cards to counter the effects of your boons. For those who want a more classic experience, though, they can play without the Cards and go off with their old-fashioned brain-busting ways.

Finally, the trailer also introduced the Swarm Mode PvP game mode, where one player controls one giant “Ridden,” controlling hordes of enemies, and fighting off The Cleaners.