Here's our Baldur's Gate 3 guide on how the player can increase the Approval of Karlach, as well as how to romance her afterward. Beware of spoilers in the following guide.

Baldur's Gate 3 – Karlach Romance and Approval Guide

To romance a character, the player must first increase that character's Approval of them. This is affected by the player's words during conversations, as well as their actions during the game. Needless to say, each Companion in Baldur's Gate 3 has different likes or dislikes. What works for one Companion will not necessarily work for the other. As such, the player must adjust their actions depending on whose approval they are trying to raise,

Karlach Approval Guide

To increase Karlach's approval of the player, they must first understand what Karlach likes and dislikes. Here is a general list of the things that Karlach likes and dislikes when it comes to conversation and actions:

  • Approval up:
    • Although she might not originally look like it, general acts of heroism are a plus in Karlach's books. As long as the player does good acts throughout their journey, then Karlach's approval of them should easily go up.
    • Karlach also has a soft spot for children. If the player is kind to them, then her approval should also increase.
    • As Karlach is a Tiefling, showing kindness and compassion to Tieflings increases her approval. Recruiting her before defending the Grove is a great way of increasing her approval of the player.
    • Violent solutions to problems are something Karlach approves of and should increase her approval of the player. However, the player must make sure that these solutions are not mindless or villainous.
    • Going against bullies who pick on the weak is another way of getting Karlach to approve of you.
  • Approval down:
    • If the player is unnecessarily cruel, Karlach's approval will decrease. As mentioned above, she's fine with violence as long as it is not mindless or villainous. Crossing that line will make her dislike the player.
    • Karlach is all about facing problems head-on, so being a coward makes her lose respect and approval of you.
    • Since the goblins want to eradicate the Tieflings, siding with the goblins will definitely make Karlach dislike the player.
    • Connected to the previous point, if the player shows anti-Tiefling sentiment, then Karlach will not like it and her approval will go down.

Should the player want to pursue dialogue options, actions, or quests that will cause Karlach's Approval to go down, it is possible to do so in a way that will prevent the Approval from lowering. The player can do this by leaving Karlach in the camp, or by making sure that she is not nearby when the player does the quest or dialogue.

Karlach Romance Guide

Act 1

To romance Karlach in Act 1, the player must first rescue Halsin from the Gobin Camp, as well as save the Refugees in the Grove. After completing these quests, there will be a celebration with the refugees in the base camp. The player can then talk to Karlach and talk about recent events. The player must then make the following option:

  • I think I've drummed up the courage to tell you how much I like you

If Karlach's approval of the player is high enough, then she will respond positively, and tell you to wait for her after resting at your bedroll. Afterward, the player and Karlach will have a talk, where she opens up about the Infernal Engine inside her. As long as the player is not dismissive or rude to Karlach, the night should progress smoothly. Eventually, you can share a kiss with Karlach. However, you will pull away, as the Infernal Engine is making things too hot, and Karlach is worried that she burned you. What the player picks next does not really matter, and she will eventually leave for the night. This does not mean that it failed, however, as you have planted the flag for future romantic scenes.

Act 2

To continue romancing Karlach, the player must first do something to cool her down. One of the Tieflings you meet in the Emerald Grove, Dammon, is the key to this. Talking to him will give the player a side quest to retrieve Infernal Iron. He will then use this to create something that can help cool Karlach down. This allows her to interact with other people without burning them. Doing this is essential to continuing your romance with Karlach.

Once Karlach is cooled down, and she has a high enough approval of the player, there will be a prompt to talk to her.  Picking any of the options that don't push her away or break things off with her is fine. After you sleep in your bed roll, Karlach will approach you. You can then select positive options on the first prompt, followed by the following options:

  • Let's take things slowly/Believe me, I can handle myself. And you.
  • Go on/What did you have in mind?
  • I'm yours, Karlach/Ah-ah, you first
  • I thought you'd never ask

This will lead to a romantic night with Karlach. Alternatively, the player can choose the following option:

  • I like you, Karlach, but I don't think I want to sleep together with you.
  • I want to be close to you, but I'm not ready to go all the way
  • That sounds perfect

This counts towards romancing Karlach, just without the romantic, passionate night with her.

The next morning, the player should then talk to Karlach. Any options are fine for the first two prompts, but select the following for the next ones:

  • Of course, I do. Never doubt it/I much more than ‘like' you
  • If our record is anything to go by, there are plenty of disasters in our future. But we'll face them together
  • I adore you too/I… love you

This will help improve her approval of you to prepare for romancing her in Act 3.

Act 3

Upon reaching the Lower City in Baldur's Gate, and if Karlach's approval is high enough, the player will can speak to her in the camp to continue their romance. She will invite the player to a date, and you must agree to it. Head over to the date spot, and choose the following options:

  • Thank you – so do you/Don't I know it

The player can then select any of the food and drink options before she asks the player about their life. Any of the options are fine for the next two prompts. The player will then get the chance to ask about Karlach about her personal live. Picking any option is fine here as well. Once Karlach invites you to go upstairs, you can respond in one of two ways:

  • After you.
    • This leads to yet another romantic night together at the inn. Choose this option if you want to spend a romantic night with Karlach.
  • I'll happily head upstairs with you, but I want to make sure I'm clear about not wanting to sleep together
    • This will still progress your romance with Karlach, but it will just involve her and the player sharing a bed and kissing. This is the more subdued romance scene with her but still counts towards improving your relationship with her.

That's all the information we have about how to romance Karlach. We also have Shadowheart, Gale, Astarion, Wyll, Lae'zel, and Halsin guides should you be interested in romancing other characters. The game is available on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam and GOG.

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