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Baylor football news: 285-pound lineman might punt

The Baylor Bears happen to be pretty awful this season at football. The bad news is that there’s no hope in sight. The good news, I guess, is that America might receive some novelty on Baylor’s special teams moving forward.

With Baylor’s starting punter, Drew Galitz, tearing his ACL last weekend, making him gone the way of the dinosaurs, Bears head coach Matt Rhule needs to find his replacement and he needs to do so in great haste.

According to the coach, in a conversation with Big 12 Die Hards, he has a 285-pound solution just hanging out already on the roster.

James Lynch, who plays defensive line, stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 285 pounds. That is a rather large human. One that might end up being one of the largest humans to punt a football at this high a level of the sport.

Now, to be clear, this isn’t going to definitely happen. It is just something that Baylor is kicking the tires on. But it is worth noting that Lynch does have a background in punting.

Lynch averaged more than 43 yards per punt as a senior at Round Rock High School, according to Max Preps.

Kicker Connor Martin and walk-on kicker Peter Webster are likely first in line to get a shot at punting duties. However, if both of those guys fail or get injured, we might get our giant humanoid punting the football for the Bears.

Since the season is essentially a loss anyway, I vote for Lynch to get the opportunity just for the sake of entertainment purposes.