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Bears coach Matt Nagy threw out the first pitch at a Cubs game


Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy is a popular guy in the city and on Wednesday he was at Wrigley Field to throw out the first pitch before the Chicago Cubs game.

After a couple of arm rolls to get ready Nagy threw a pitch right down broadway and the crowd seemed delighted with the throw.

NBC Chicago who was in charge of broadcast for the Cubs gave Nagy the stat cast treatment and the results weren’t bad for a head coach. According to Statcast, the pitch whizzed across the plate at 68 miles per hour and with as easy as it looked for Nagy, there is no doubt he could have thrown it harder.

The Cubs have had a nice season so far and currently sit on the top of the National League Central and for the most part they have performed well with the pressure that has been placed on them.

It will be interesting to see how the Bears react to the same type of pressure that has been on the Cubs the last few years. Last year most thought the Bears would be decent, but not many expected them to be as impressive as they were.

With the Bears going 12-4 last year now there is a lot of talk about the team being even better this year and the expectation is that they should be a Super Bowl contender.

Some teams fold under that type of pressure and the Bears hope they aren’t one of the teams to have that happen to them.