Bears news: Brian Urlacher spotted at the Pro Bowl wearing Cowboys gear
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Bears legend Brian Urlacher spotted at the Pro Bowl wearing Cowboys gear

Brian Urlacher

Brian Urlacher is a living legend for Chicago Bears fans. They adore him. They respect him. They have him in the echelon of stars who have represented the Windy City in the sporting universe. Urlacher also probably shocked those same fans Sunday night, when he was seen on a live broadcast of the Pro Bowl wearing a Dallas Cowboys jacket while being interviewed on the sidelines.

Wait, what?

Urlacher never played for the Cowboys during his illustrious NFL career. In fact, he never played for any team other than the Bears with whom he suited up for 13 seasons from 2000-2012. That being said, there’s an explanation behind Urlacher’s surprising choice of garment that probably left Bears fans pulling their hair and pinching their own skins to check if they were not dreaming.

See, Urlacher was a member of the NFC’s coaching staff in the Pro Bowl and appeared to show up at the event, not anticipating how cold it was going to be in Orlando due to rain. The head coach of the NFC was Cowboys’ bench boss Jason Garrett, whom Urlacher probably borrowed the jacket from. Or maybe the former Bears linebacker just grabbed whatever jacket was available on the bench and it just happened to be one that had a Cowboys print on it.

Urlacher’s Pro Bowl team didn’t end up with a win, though, as the AFC All-Stars pummeled the NFC side, 26-7.

In any case, Urlacher’s place in the pyramid of sporting greats in Chicago should remain intact.