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Bears coach Matt Nagy doesn’t want Rams-49ers updates on during Vikings game

Heading into the regular season finale against the Minnesota Vikings, the Chicago Bears have the potential opportunity in front of them to secure a first-round playoff bye.

It is a scenario that would not only require them to beat the Vikings, but also would need the Los Angeles Rams to fall to the San Francisco 49ers. With that in mind, head coach Matt Nagy has voiced that he doesn’t want to have any score updates during Sunday’s contest.

This is a situation that will be hard to avoid given that both teams will be playing at the same time on Sunday afternoon. It will be a focal point during the game given that there is a chance for the Bears to grab that vaunted first-round playoff bye. It is something that will be on display somewhere in the stadium that may become unavoidable to see.

That said, these comments from Nagy further underline that he wants to keep his team focused on the task at hand against the Vikings, who are vying to secure one of the Wild Card playoff spots. This should help ramp up the level of intensity for the game, making them lasered in on the contest.

What should be noted above all else is that the Bears don’t have any control in this situation, which lies solely with the Rams dictating their own fate. Los Angeles has a favorable matchup in front of them despite not having the services of star running back Todd Gurley for the contest. It’s simply something that will have to play itself out.