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“Big things ahead” are coming for Phasmophobia – Devs

Phasmophobia key visual

Big things are coming for hit indie horror game Phasmophobia, or at least that’s what the devs would like us to believe. Phasmophobia developers Kinetic Games took to Twitter to tease their fans with upcoming new content for the game. “Big things ahead,” the devs tweet. Sadly for us, they didn’t feel the need to elaborate any further.

Perhaps we can get more information if we keep a close eye on the developers’ public Trello board. However, we have no idea how fast new content will roll out for the multiplayer ghost hunting game. These new content include new maps, new ghost events, death animations, and the like. What we’re exactly getting for this particular tease, though, we don’t know yet. All we can do right now is wait for the devs to implement whatever these are on Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia became one of 2020’s breakout multiplayer games that people played during the pandemic, alongside Fall Guys and Among Us. The developers won a TGA 2020 award for Best Debut Indie Game. On top of the game’s amazing PC experience – filled with thrilling horror and suspenseful moments – the game’s also available on VR. With VR, the game’s horror and suspense are multiplied tenfold.