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Bills star Josh Allen gets real on devastating stiff-arm that sent Rams defender to the shadow realm

Josh Allen, Bills, Rams

The Buffalo Bills’ season opener against the Los Angeles Rams told fans one thing: this is Josh Allen’s year. The Wyoming product has been banging on the gates of greatness for a few years now. Many are anticipating his rise to the top of the NFL quarterback hierarchy. Based on his first game of 2022, Allen is ready to do just that.

One of the most memorable plays from Josh Allen during the Bills-Rams game came from his arm… but not in the way you think. In the third quarter, the quarterback ran the ball on third and seven. Rams safety Nick Scott came up to try and stop Allen. Instead, Scott was featured in a highlight, as Josh Allen stiff-armed the life out of the safety.

It was a stiff arm that even Derrick Henry would be proud of. Speaking to reporters after the game, Josh Allen talked about his thoughts during that run. The Bills quarterback said that that nasty move was just something he felt he needed to do for the team. It was a classic case of the leader leading his troops by example. (via NFL.com)

“Just trying to make a play for the team, just doing what I can do to try to get first down,” Allen said of the stiff-arm. “That’s it. You know, guys appreciate that. I play hard. I want to win games no matter how I can do it. That’s just, I guess, an example of what I’m willing to do to win a game and just try to get a first down and allow us to keep moving the ball”

Josh Allen’s arm has hurt teams in more ways than one. We saw the Bills quarterback absolutely obliterate his opponent with a stiff arm. However, his preferred method of torture is by delivering deep bombs to his receivers in-game. Behind Allen’s MVP-esque play, Buffalo is looking to nab the first Super Bowl in their franchise history.